Wednesday, April 03, 2013

stressy stressy

Just asked my bridesmaids to load the dart gun.

It will be used for either myself and/or stressy-mode family members.

April has just hit, and the realisation that I will be getting married in three weeks.

Like three weeks. It's April. Sweet Christ I am far-reeking out.

Literally haven't slept for two days. I'm going to need some:

1) seriously calm people around me over the next three weeks

2) seriously armed people around me over the next three weeks (tranquillisers, dart guns, alcohol, anti-anxiety, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory..)

3) people who have their shit together. Who don't fuck things up or cause unnecessary stress by making more stress.

Jesus. It's happening. It's April and I am anxious.

PS: Spa day in Kent was lovely. Should've done it this week.
 The spa/hotel at St Margarets cliffs.
 I've been to Dorset, Devon and Kent. And they all offer cream teas.
 Wide open spaces and real as fuck sunshine. Delicious.
 I was sitting on a bench swing, in a post spa day rapture, when I took this picture. Was dribbling.

 The pool.
 That is the English Channel/La Manche. From Dover. If you squint, you can see France.
Folkestone, a town near Dover, from the train.

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