Saturday, May 04, 2013

me =married

Dudes. I'm married!

We are freakin' married; sweet Christ, I'm a spouse.

We've been galavanting across the country on familymoon (Kruger Park -totally amazebollocks) and now back in Jozi for one last hoorah with friends.

It's all been incredible.

More later when my feet hit the ground.


po said...

Yay, big congrats to Peas!

Secret said...

Congrats and salutations Peas! As they say in some or other fast food commercial I saw in TV - Enjoy every moment :) xx

I’d Rather Be Drinking said...

I used to read your blog aaaages ago and the last I read you were moving to London. I thought today, I wonder what's happening with that Peas girl. Weirdly excited for you that you married the Brit!!

Val said...

Yay!! Thought of you last Saturday. Major congratulations too you and the Brit! :)