Thursday, May 09, 2013

my wedding favours

Wanted to show you the wedding favours I made for our guests.

Most wedding favours are usually something like this or more traditional, like this. Many people now give away teeny tiny potplants or seeds to grow, or even little ornaments. I've been to weddings where the new thing is to now donate money to a charity on the guest's behalf. Either way, I couldn't make 80 potplants to bring to South Africa.
And I figured almonds in a bag was overkill - there were loads of other sweet treats at our wedding already.

I had to make something light, that people from all over the world could take back with them, and something that was crafty and unique.

Those that know us, will know that we have an entire cupboard at home stuffed with tea. All types and kinds. We are tea people. And tea is light and lovely.

So, I set about sourcing teas that reflected the moment - love. Many infusions/herbal teas are often called names, so I set about finding teas that were called 'love' by name.
I found three. All high quality, wrapped in beautiful little sachets, all pink, from various parts of the world.
I found 'LØv' tea, from Sweden, which comes in little muslin bags, and Kusmi's 'Sweet Love' tea. Quite spicy and fruity. Sourced from Paris.

 Then finally, I found a third tea, good old English Pukka, entitled simply 'Love.'


Everyone got one of each.

 Our wedding theme was 'vintage travel.' Our relationship started on this basis; having to meet in foreign countries over an extended period of time. We also love to travel (OK, I love to travel - majority passion), but it's a big thing in our relationship and wanted to reflect this in the pacakaging.

So I bought me some baker's twine. It's not 'airmail' twine, but pink, as that was the main colour of our wedding vibe.

Then I found a little shop on Etsy, a woman from Canada that sold vintage stamps. There were 100 stamps for £5 - all used, but in good condition and from all parts of the world.

I had SO much fun sticking these onto little beige envelopes. You have no idea how therapeutic it is.

 Then I ordered some vintage travel luggage stickers from a woman in Singapore. Two tins of vintage stickers that I could mix and match with the stamps.

Etsy packages were arriving at my desk daily - it was amazing. All handcrafted, with cool things like strips of washi tape down the side and little notes saying thank you.

Honestly, Etsy is amaaazing.

Luggage label stickers!

Then, the final detail was a little 'thank you' note or 'with love,' or whatever to attach to the wtine on the package. Also ordered these from Singapore on Etsy, cheap cheap.

How fucking cute are they?

The main result being...

...on everyone's side plates, which can be slotted into a pocket and enjoyed the next day when extremely hungover.


The Chantal said...

Wow pretty impressive doing all that, and such a good idea!


Flarkit said...

Congrats on the nuptials lady!

Val said...

Fabulous idea Peas!I'm impressed!

Kate said...

Etsy is awesome. From SA, I ordered a present from the USA for my sister in the UK. Living globally has never been easier.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks guys, I had so much fun making them!