Monday, May 13, 2013

the wedding video

Axe-murderers - they're a very real thing in this world.
Short-man syndrome - it's a very real thing in this world.
Post wedding blues - it's a very real thing in this world.

I have the third one. For those of you who have/are all three of these, you must be one crazy motherfucker.

Seriously. Can't motivate myself to do anything except eat cake and stare out of the window wondering whether I'll need to write postcards to the sun because I don't know when I'll see it again.

Did go to gym twice. Not sure how I managed that. Perhaps I had an outer body experience.

This Mrs officially has the post-wedding blues. I thought I was too good for PWB. I'm not. I'm feeling more blah than Blah Blah MacBlahberson.

And so does my husband. We drank the last bottle of our wedding wine this weekend with some friends (Diemersfontein Pinotage obviously), and cleaned - no, but cleaned - but cleaned like Mary Poppins with OCD and on methamphetamine cleans - our flat. From top to bottom.

We also watched our wedding video footage from start to finish. Again.

We didn't get a videographer; we decided to spend more money on topnotch-crazy-beautiful photography. (Which I wait for, like a dog at a door, with a cocked head, everyday.) Instead, we had the groomsmen and uncles pass around a video camera throughout the reception, and take footage of us all getting ready, the ceremony, the speeches and the full-on party at the end.

We plan to edit it someday, maybe. But for now, watching the raw debauchery and wonderfulness of our wedding party isn't old yet. And frankly, it's at least half gratifying to watch it all and discover new things. ("Hey......I didn't realise my bouquet hit the ceiling fan?")
Wedding videos (unedited, raw, free, unprofessional versions) hold so many secrets. It's genius, I tell you, genius.
Friends giving us their well wishes, to sound advice, to people licking the screen and giving us beautifully inappropriate - yet heartfelt - tips on how to bring up a child to roll the perfect joint.

(Thanks Dockers for that.)

It's like being in your own reality TV show, in a big white dress. Watching the dynamics of the night that you couldn't really observe as you were running around talking to everyone. Couples having a barney, to couples in the photobooth, Jaegerbombing, people hovering around the dessert table.

Now we are like, "Hey hey hey, look at Roland. He's properly chatting up Cynthia...and there it is.. oh yes...he's leaning in...and...a cheeky kiss."

"Ah look, bless, Dudley is on the John Deeres - look. And he's just ordered another one. Has no idea what he's actually drinking does he?"

"Luke is jammin'! Oh yes there goes his arm...and he's wiggling his ass. He's totally wiggling his ass and has no idea there's a camera watching."

"Oooh! Look at me, look at me! Look! There we are! My dress is pretty hey babe? Tell me again how pretty my dress was."

"You're so handsome in your morning suit. Can you put it on again today? How about we scrub the bathroom wearing our wedding clothes?"

It's rather nice being married. And having a detergent party with your husband in the kitchen. (Spray fights with the nozzles on the Dettol Surface Cleaner, sponging down the dining room tables together, putting toilet duck in the's just groovy.)

Seriously. I'm getting used to saying, "Husband! Shall we watch our wedding footage again?"

As one person said to me, and it's so true: you wish you could be a guest at your own wedding.
Our wedding video has helped us to do just that.


Pebbles said...

I know all about the PWB's. It's a bitch. Best thing to do is not go cold turkey on organising shit. I recommend planning a holiday. Or a few holidays in advance. Just plan something to look forward to!

Coffee and Books Cape Town said...

Pls put the video in a DOWNLOAD box?? Thanks Your dad x

Peas on Toast said...

Pebbles - and such sound advice indeed! I am doing just that - the blues are slowly but surely subsiding...xx