Friday, June 14, 2013

old friends

Went out with two friends last night that I haven't seen in years.

One is out from SA, and it was just the best sitting with them and catching up after, like, ten years.

Drank far too much red wine, and spoke about everything from our childhood holidays together, nipping behind the shed to smoke cigarettes at boarding school, our first snogs, and the mischief we used to get up to.

Finding mates you have a long history with in London is difficult. But it's so crucial that you find them and make the effort. Because when you move to a foreign country, your context, history and views don't come with you. No one really cares, and it's difficult to really get to know people if they don't have that in mind.

Many of my mates that were here did the mass exodus over years ago, when I was still high-heeling it up in Johannesburg, kissing frogs and running from party to party. Most stayed a few years, but many went back to SA, or fucked off to Mars Australia to live [very boring lives?]

So there are very few Saffas I know from way-back-when left in this town, and it was so nice to connect with long lost friends again. Years can pass, and yet it's still the same.

It's cheered me up considerably.

That and knowing we go on honeymoon in exactly two weeks.

PS: Speaking of old friends, found this in my inbox this morning, from Dove.  With a, "We'll be these people when we're old and mad." Yes we fucking will.

Happy Fridays!

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