Friday, June 21, 2013

travelling in dreams

This. Time. Next. Week. I'll. Be. On. A. Plane. Bound. For. Singapore.

With my husband, en route to our honeymoon.

Clawing my way towards this with such vigour am I, that I am starting to dream like an escapist.
I am completely burnt-out. I have more burn out than a veld fire the size of Nigeria that's been raging on for three weeks

I mean, this is how bad it's got, for Christ sakes. My brain is so desperate to leave my work behind right now, my sub-conscious is doing it while I sleep. I am having some incredible dreams at the moment. Dreams straight out of a luxury travel brochure. A new destination every night.

The night before last, I dreamt I was trekking across the polar caps. Night before that, I was sunning myself on the Grecian seaboard.

Last night, I dreamt I was in Australia having a whale of a time.
Not fucking likely, surely. I even remember thinking - in the dream - "I really need to phone Dove. And tell her that Australia is actually amazing, and all my pre-conceived ideas are totally wrong. This place is fucking great." As I swung between trees on some jungle tour.

Jeez. Jungles you say? In Australia?

No. Fuck Australia.(Apologies. Will now be accused of being racist and/or hating black people, right?)

Sigh. Anyway. My dreams over the last week have been about me running away to a foreign place escaping my world as it is now.

So while I'm still here - until next week when we fly off and celebrate the first two months of marriage - yippeeee - I'll just escape through the medium of champagne. Or papsak. Whatever's going.

Or suchlike.

Happy Fridays! And happy summer solstice Northern Hemispherics. Boozy escapism in daylight hours until 10:30pm tonight, not such a bad thought is it?

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