Friday, June 07, 2013

wee bit of bonnie scotland

 Somewhere in a park in Scotland....
Literalleh going to Edinburrah this evening.


Currently the sun sets there past 11:30pm, because it's almost the summer solstice and it's so far north it might as well be on the polar caps.

Except there are castles, and mounds, and rickety pubs, and cobbled streets and churches and bagpipes and kilts and men without underpants and giant steaming plates of sheep stomachs.

My grandfather was Scottish; it's like I'm sort of going home.
At a stretch.

I am so excited. This will be the first wedding we are going to after our own, (6 weeks of marriage, hooray!), so am excited to look into the doeful eyes of my husband and be all:

"Aw, isn't this romantic..? Remember how we walked down the aisle, and how the candles flickered at our"

Reverie broken by offending bagpipe?

The wedding is set in the countryside, about 20 minutes from Edinburgh, so we will check out the city on Sunday.

Now. How to leave the office earlier today to catch the flight up there.
That's a whole other thing I have to figure out before 4pm today.

Suggestions welcome.

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