Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It's 31 degrees; I'm running out of summer dresses.

Now this is a British summer.

Was told by my dentist this morning while he patched up a filling in my rear molar  - the existing filling fell out and I swallowed it on honeymoon - who else can say they swallowed their filling in the middle of the rainforest? - anyway he said that the last time it was this hot was in 2006.

In 2006 temperatures were up to 38 degrees in this city, and people were like, dying, on the tube.

It's been about 30 degrees for the last week and it is absolutely fucking sublime. I am not even wearing sheer pantyhose, which means I can even show off my [little] tan. People are out and about, and everyone is sweating.

Well, to be fair, I'm at my desk. And as it's summer, most people are either on holiday or generally just completely chilled out. It makes such a difference from the chaos that work was before I left to go on honeymoon. Crisis, I look back and wonder how I didn't have a nervous breakdown.

Right now, we're debating which live London webcam is more interesting.

We have the fixed, 24 hour, 365 days a year Abbey Road webcam, that faces onto the famous Beatles crossing, right over here.

You'll see people imitating the Beatles four man walk every two minutes.

Or, we have the feverishly watched, but nothing really-happening- Live Royal Baby webcam,  right over here. Be crazy and open up both of them in two separate tabs. Then push a mouse around and pretend you're working.

Nothing is happening outside the hospital, and yet, already seen a weird man doing interpretive dance in front of the hospital. And walking up to the camera, inspecting it and looking very confused-slash-like a paedophile.

Or. The Edinburgh penguin enclosure. Looks a bit miserable and cold up there, och.

Either way, you can waste a lot of time by going to EarthCam, search for whatever you want to look at, and boom. There's a webcam for it.

In other news- we have accepted an offer on our flat! We opened it up for viewings while away and 21 people came to check it out. We accepted yesterday.

Now to panic. We better start looking at houses.

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Val said...

Thanks for the link to Abbey Road webcam. Spent sometime chuckling at the antics! And good luck with the house hunt. :)