Monday, July 15, 2013

mooning in honey


We are back!

Just the most wonderful honeymoon really. It wasn't your classic 'Maldives and cocktails' two weeker.

It was so much more than that. Rainforest, creatures and wildlife at every turn, beaches, incredible food, and still plenty of cocktails.

We saw and experienced so much.

Can't wait to tell you alllllll about it. And the rainforest. And the cool snakes we saw. And orang utans swinging from vines. And elephants. And other crayzee shit.

Being back sucks a whole bunch of bags full of dicks.

I have a slight tan, which is interesting, as most of London does too. This place is having one mahoosive heatwave; all our plants died on the balcony while we were gone, and the grass is brown as it's been two weeks of scorchahs.

You never see brown grass in England.

Ooh and after what seems like years - but in reality is only about 2.5 months - our wedding photos have finally arrived.

That means I can finally blog about our big day. Bit odd that I haven't yet, to be fair.


Val said...

Hey welcome back! The place wasn't the same without you! :)
Sounds like you had a magical time and cannot wait to see some pics.
Enjoy the heat in London - hope the tubes are not too hot and stuffy.

Flarkit said...

Ook? Ook ook ooky?