Thursday, August 29, 2013

four things to look at

I am so knackered.

Been working like a Trojan - good work this time! - nice work, fun new project stuff I am loving, but hell I am fucked.

I do a lot of that. Work. If I stopped working ever, I don't really know what I'd do. Probably read a lot.
Try on a lot of clothes. Make up funny dances. Put face packs on and open the fridge and close it again about 67 times a day.

Watch a bit of daytime television and feel my brain melt into a mushy goo, never to be recompensed with fully-functioning brain cells.


Woah. Stop the train right there. Scary.

Anyway, knackered. So thought I'd share with you instead my two current favourite Tweeters and Tumblrs; the bile that's made me erupt in masculine-like laughter this week:


Are they legs or hotdogs?  The Daily Mail does a nice pictorial of the best.

Jim'll Piant it The dude paints anything - anything - you want using Microsoft Paint. He's an artistic maestro, given he probably uses his baby finger and people send him some beautifully fucked up scenarios to create.


Boring Tweeter (@b0ringtweets) Hilarious in that sort of dry, English way. Simplicity that really wins and makes you wonder why you didn't think of it first. Ricky Gervais retweets him all the time.

This guy gaa (@DaydeDeSantos) He wraats laak he torks. If you're a Saffa, or someone from Joburg or even Fourways - if you're really niche- you might just enjoy him.

One more just for shits, Frankie Boyle (@frankieboyle) He's dark, calls people a cunt a lot. Therefore naturally think he's a good lad.

I'm off to bed. After I watch three episodes of Breaking Bad  first.

I had to edit this post like 4 times. It just didn't make sense. Practically drooling am so tired. Kbye.

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