Tuesday, September 17, 2013

breaking bad memes

The Brit and I have been averaging about 2 episodes a night of Breaking Bad.

That means it has only taken us about a month to get to to where we are now: the middle of Season 5, until we've caught up with the rest of the world and have to watch it like everyone else on Netflix: Once. A.Fucking. Week.

So help me Christ, what the hell are we going to do with our evenings?

Conversation today with She Who Also Loves Tweed:

She: We're old people, I swear it.

Peas: No, no dude. We are old people. We've descended into one of those old married couples at such a rate of knots and we haven't even seen our full wedding album yet.

She: Do you watch an episode of Breaking Bad, with a cup of chai, in bed and then switch off the lights at 10pm?

Peas: Actually, that's exactly what we do. Except we don't drink chai, we are on the hot chocolate.

She: We are living the exact same lives.

Peas: Yes we are. Are we alone?


In lieu of the show that's taken over our lives, here are a whole bunch of memes.

You're welcome. (Or if you're not quite onto series 5 yet, possible spoiler alert/inside joke):


Secret said...

Lol...me and mine went through this exact same phase like a year ago and are presently going through weekly withdrawal once we have watched the latest installments.
There is life after Breaking Bad - its called Ray Donovan, True Blood, Devious Maids, Games of Thrones, Modern Family, etc etc... :P

Little Miss Medic said...

Ha ha, my version consists of me in the bed watching the latest episodes of Scandal, Under the Dome, Suits, White Collar and The Boyf in the lounge watching Pawn Stars or some ridiculous documentary on WW1.

Every soften he hears me scream "this show is fucking amazing!" or "I want to marry Harvey Specter!"

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks guys - it's good to know there is life after BB - not to mention other stuff to watch! I may have to get started on something before the finale happens to help mentally prepare xx