Monday, September 16, 2013

if only

 If only..

We hadn't packed every utensil we ever owned away and therefore instead of spending valuable time cooking, glazing and making a Sunday roast, we spent it undoing All. Of. The. Fucking. Boxes.
Looking for things like platters and potato mashers.

We never cook. Like this. Usually, hence why everything was packed.

If only..

The boots I bought for my birthday (Happy birthday to me!) didn't make me walk like John Wayne after a really rigorous inter-state horse canter.
 If only..

Humans actually learnt something from their behaviour and broke the cycle of history continually repeating itself. Syria. America. Individuals who just can't break patterns of destructive behaviour.
Countries and individuals stay in these historical cycles because they only live to serve themselves, or their own purpose, much like hardcore heroin addicts.
Enough already.

If only..

I could go to New York with the Brit for a week. He's going for work, and am so chuffed he's finally being able to go. Would definitely have loved to have met up with him there and throw some G's into the city that never sleeps. But I have other commitments and going for a weekend is not really equating it in the same party as Paris for lunch.

Even though I did try to justify it like that.

That said, if only..

We could stay longer in South Africa when we visit in October. We had to cash all of our miles in (on two airlines!) for Moogs & E's wedding. We'll literally be in town for a long weekend, and judging by the weather reports both here and there, it would've been nice to get that last Vitamin D injection before winter well and truly gets me by the scroat and has its way with me.

If only..

I could've bought everything  in this amazing little antique shop I found halfway between our current neighbourhood and new one. I would never have known it was there, unless I had to park in this little side street.
It's just amazing. It has amazing things like cut glass crystal decanters, Victorian-style washer sideboards, intricate mirrors, French side tables. I refrained from buying, simply because we have nowhere to store it before the move, but I will be back.

Antiques will fill our new house. I've decided. It might take a good few years to build up, but now that I'm the glorious age of 33, I feel that this may be a nice promotion that comes with my age.

If only..
Someone will give me an honest opinion of whether I really look 33 now or not. Obviously it would need to be a favourable and complimentary honest opinion. "You don't quite look 24, but you definitely do not  look 33. You look a good 27, a standard 28."

That would be very nice.

If only..
I wasn't the only one excited for Diana to come out. This coming weekend the movie is out, and I am biting at the bit to go and see it. In my new birthday boots. I told the Brit the dude from Lost stars in it as Hasnat Khan. He looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language.

Not that I can complain. If only..

The spa weekend the Brit booked for us was for right now not in October. We just don't have any weekends free until end of October to go. But he's taking me to a lovely, stately-looking manor house in the middle of Kent for a weekend of swishing about in robes, swimming in a heated pool, going on country walks in the gardens, eating lovely organic food and having treatments together.

Quite a sacrifice on his part, really, as he does take pride in himself but isn't one to usually get excited about spa treatments. In fact, whenever I suggest he goes for a back massage for his back he kind of 'mehs' the idea.
But he does know how much I love this vibe,  so bless him for picking the perfect birthday present.

At 33, I could use all the treatments I can get.*

*Even if I were to be a 28-year old 33 year old in my wildest dreams.

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