Wednesday, October 23, 2013

flying by

Shit, well that went quickly.

Five days gone just like that. A wonderful wedding of two good friends on the Vaal River, seeing friends in Jozi and spending time with my mama in Pretoria.

The weather has been somewhat English-like if I'm frank, rainy, stormy and wet - but like now we are soaking up the last little bit of sun we can today - the day we leave.

As usual, it is always lovely to come home. It also serves as a gentle reminder as to where I am now - a sort of hybrid model, a South African that calls England home. And is perfectly happy with that.
(Sitting in traffic on the M1 South one day helped.)

We are always asked when we are coming back, or if we are. The answer is always, 'Perhaps. Never say never, maybe we will come back for a few years one day. But for now, we like living in the UK. And its home for the longterm.'

Who knows.

I miss things, and there are other things I don't miss. Much like England - some things I can't stand. Other things are amazing.

The grass is never greener. And it is possible to be connected to two places.

Anyway. Back to DVT socks and the red eye flight back.

And into the office. Sigh.

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