Monday, October 28, 2013


I've been pretty quiet of late, but I assure you it's for good reason.

We've been painting and catching up on the admin of our lives.

I am also harbouring a secret.

It's going to change the world (or actually, it might, you never know). Either way, it's a big secret. I will reveal all once I have all the full facts in place.

PS: It's occurred to me - hours later - that you, the Internet, might not even be interested in my secret. But again, that is the beauty of the wonderful, mostly faceless Internet.


Flirty 30 said...

I LOVE secrets.

Can't wait!! Do share rather sooner than later please? :-)

Hans Meevis said...

The pitter patter of little feet??

Val said...

Aha!! Can't wait!

Flarkit said...

I'm with Hans on this one. Is somebody gonna have to take a hiatus from the bubbly?

Vannessa said...

Hee hee very interested!!Ditto to what they said!

MeeA said...

:) You're pregnant, aren't you?

There's certainly nothing that'll change your world as much as having kids does.
Sometimes, it's hard. But totally worth it.