Tuesday, October 01, 2013

moving day

It's always bittersweet leaving an old home and going to a new one.

We are amidst the throes of chaos - moving - as I write this. I'm also in the throes of crazy pain, having dislocated my fucking clavicle (ass bone) trying to render our mattress this morning.

So I am mostly useless right now. I can't walk properly. Obviously spectacular timing.

After 2.5 years in our first home, we are delighted to be upgrading to something with more space and a lot more character. But this was the home we first bought together. And first we moved in together.

It'll be great to say goodbye to our Taurettes-hoarding neighbour, but sad to say goodbye to our local pub, just a few steps away.
Sad to say bye to our local high street filled with the two best deli-bakeries in town.

Won't miss the busy street and the two flights of stairs.

Will miss knowing Gordon Ramsey lives over the road. Won't miss not having any wardrobe space.

Spencer Road, you were a formidable chapter in our lives. Thanks for putting up with us.


Anonymous said...

Clavicle = collar bone.
Coccyx = ass bone

Both = fucking painful to dislocate!

Good luck with the move! I face one in 4 short weeks. Le sigh.

Val said...

Good luck - hope it all goes well and that you heal quickly. Looking forward to reading about the new house and, hopefully, seeing some pics. :)

Little Miss Medic said...

Ah the agony of moving....must be especially difficult with your ass on your shoulder :)

It will soon be over!