Friday, November 01, 2013

what's worse than watching paint dry

If watching paint dry is globally recognisably known as the most boring thing to do on the planet, then you're in for a real treat.

Day in, day out, since Saturday, my husband and I have done nothing else but go to work and paint our living room (will be bedroom eventually, if all goes to plan.)

Monday night. Tuesday night. Wednesday night. Thursday nigh. And tonight - we will have friends over for dinner a takeaway and not paint.

This has been the general transformation. And fuck, if it hasn't sucked.
 Lady who dwelled before liked an all red boudoir. This would've been just up my street, like, 3 years ago. Then my tastes suddenly and rapidly did a 360.

 Husband painting the tall spots.
Two coats white first to blot out the brazen hue.
 God. Only halfway.
If, like me, you forget how shit painting a room is, remember this. It's not therapeutic. Your arms sting. The fumes hone, and someone always has to finish the corners.

 And in England, you need to consider things like the radiator.

And we're done.

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Secret said...

Whats worse is having to live in the house you are busy painting - messy, paint fumey, disorganized. No envy from me. :(