Friday, February 14, 2014

happy v day

Happy Valentine's Day, fellow comrades.

Whatever you're doing today, even if it isn't anything, I hope it's filled with kindness, thoughtfulness and seamless traffic. V-Day can be miserable and it can be amazing - whatever it means to you, I hope it's simply swell.

The Brit is in Germany, coming back tonight where we will be going to a show. People assume that because you live in London, you must obviously frequent the West End theatres every week. I wish it was the case. But it is kind of like assuming that if you live by the coast you must go to the actual beach every day.
In theory, ideal; in practice, other shit gets in the way.

Anyway, it's s surprise so not sure what we are going to see, but rather excited for a little Londony night out.  This was another one on our bucket list of Before They Arrive We Must.

This is our first married V-Day, and it is a good day to remind one of all the good things that you love about that person. And how much you need to appreciate each other.

Like how, after a long day, he hung pictures for me in our bedroom, wearing only his underpants and socks.
Then how he had to stop halfway through to go to B&Q and get another drill bit, late at night.

How he bought me a lovely gold cuff today, and another gift for the bump. "This one's for the babies," he had written on the package. And it contained three precious little newborn vests.

At the moment, when I see baby clothes and shoes, I start to cry. They're so small. It's just one of those things.
I haven't adorned myself in anything remotely shiny and bright in months. Feels a bit foreign.
 My dome. And the funny line that looks like the Tropic of Capricorn running across it.

How he has been trying so hard to hurry all the building up, taking on so many parts of the project and working so hard so that I can be comfortable again.

He has been so brilliant in the last little while, it's hard not to imagine and dream how he will be with his babies soon. And what a wonderful hands-on daddy he'll be.

I have a little surprise for him when he gets home too. I worked from home today (no tube! Can walk around half naked/in tracksuit bottoms!)
I also cleaned and refolded all his clothes in the cupboard.

It was the most satisfying activity ever.

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MeeA said...

Gotta love the ol' nesting instinct, huh? ;)