Friday, February 21, 2014

last day of work

Going to compartmentalise - the emphasis being on MENTAL - our neighbour's foray to the dark side yesterday, and save that post for next time. It's a real humdinger. I aim to plaster this blog with her fucked shenanigans very shortly.

For now - it's my last day of work. For ten whole months.

Ten months. 

The time in which I've been given to successfully deliver and execute on the biggest project of my life.
The overall goal: Give birth to twins and thereafter keep yourself, your marriage and them alive.

Yup. Definitely the most challenging thing I've ever had to conceptualise.

But for now, I have one rush hour tube journey left.  Just one. I lost my rag earlier in the week when a clutch of bankers hurled themselves through the closing doors and pummeled straight into my bump.

To which I swore at them really loudly and caused a scene of unBritish-like proportions, and it was all really awkward afterwards because there's nowhere to go/escape to and everyone kind of stares at the ceiling and shuffles their feet.

I think the ten months away from work will really start to take effect after two weeks at home. When I've finished the nursery, started sticking breast pads on my nipples because it looks funny, and watched two box sets while chugging Gaviscon and rubbing tummy butter on my mound.

Then the reality of how long I'll be away from adult conversation will start to sink in. I suspect.

I am going to miss work. I work at an insanely awesome company, with arguably the best perk being the free food. We get free meals, free snacks, free drinks - we basically never have to fend for ourselves foodwise, ever.

Well, we do eat dinner at home. But the rest? Breakfast, lunch and everything else in between is catered for. It's certainly not reality, but after almost 6 years at the company, it has, to my detriment, become norm.
The meals here are healthy, organic and prepared, and there's tons of choice. I will really miss being fed. It is therefore tentatively that I venture forth back into the real world and think about things like a full grocery shop, meal ideas and the concept of having to actually cook bags of food.

For myself and later on, additional mouths.

I had to ask the office this morning for reminders on how long you roast a chicken for again, and would they say this is a good meal to make for leftovers. And does anyone have additional meal ideas that only takes minimal effort.

I'm going to really miss the banter around here more than anything though. I'm surrounded by some pretty fucking funny individuals. And while our jobs can be stressful and manic, it's always infused with a ridiculous amount of childish banter. From the Welsh guy behind me to my Oxford-educated boss, to the snappy New Yorker in front of me. I work with a handful of very clever people who happen to also be very funny.

Christ I will miss it. And the people.
But I will be back! So actually, it's all fabulous.

To commemorate my last breakfast here, I had a slap up British fry-up this morning. Usually I have porridge or a bowl of fruit with nuts (can't eat fry ups everyday, even if it is on offer....):

The weather is sensational today. Apt for my last day, as I sit on the 9th floor of our building, this is the view from my window. (I have the window seat; may it still be mine when I'm back!)
 When next will I be in central London? Seriously, getting here with a double buggy is going to take some careful planning.

Goodbye colleagues. Until next time.

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Pebbles said...

The collective noun for Bankers is a Wunch, just so you know :-)