Thursday, February 20, 2014


War has been declared on the estate.

More about that another time, but I am SEETHING. Never in my life have I experienced such a rude, screaming self-righteous French woman in my life.

I don't think she quite realises who she has picked a fight with. Not Peas On Toast. But rather a heavily pregnant persona of the latter, who can't even put on her own shoes without assistance anymore.
My fuse is henceforth ridiculously short for purposefully difficult stupid people right now.

 Literally need to find a way to calm down.


Pebbles said...

Oh wow... Just take it easy Peas. You don't want your babies born in prison ;-)

Peas on Toast said...

Luckily (for all parties concerned) I am at work, so physically far away from her - IT - for the time being. While i can calm down.

And breathe.

smalltowngal said...

Oh I HAVE to know what went down :)

Val said...

If she is wise, she will stay well away from an angry pregnant woman! :)
But try to stay calm, please?

MeeA said...

I had at least one MAJOR fanny wobble during each of my pregancies and having people tell me to "calm down" or "take it easy" only fueled my rage, so if you're anything like me, I feel your pain.
But doesn't it make you happier to think that soon, you'll have two pairs of tiny hands and feet to google at for hours every day? :)
Also, French-Bitch is only having a hairy because something you're doing is obviously seriously grating her tits. Perhaps you can take some comfort in knowing that?
Am very curious to hear the whole story, though. (Sies! Lookit me being such a nuuskierige agie...)

Beth said...

Just move back to SA the people are much friendlier here ;-)