Monday, March 17, 2014

daddy and bump

Wanted to share one of my favourite bump pictures thus far. This is me, full of children, and my Brit on the couch last night.

Melts my heart. Especially when he talks to them and pokes them for a response (they kick back). One thing that will make me cry is when I first see him bonding with them when they're born. When I imagine him holding one of them, I just well up.

Other things that are literally making me cry at the moment are:

1) Well, this picture above
2) Hero by Mariah Carey in the traffic the other day. Not even joking.
3) Phil Collins on our "calibrated speakers" (geek speak the Brit likes to throw out there when it concerns the sound system). " from..the room...of your hotel....." WAAAAAAAAAAH.
4) One tiny excerpt of Titanic shown on TV last night. Crisis. The scene where Leo dies in the icy water and Rose is balancing precariously on the floating door. I cried so hard I couldn't see for 5 minutes.
And it was just a clip, not even the whole movie.
5) The other day, when I burst into tears and I literally, literally, do not have any idea why I was crying. No idea whatsoever. No rhyme, no reason.

The crying is one hundred percent hormones. God it's amazing.

This is me, yesterday, having a waddle outside, in the sun, at 35 weeks. Looking large.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Wow, you weren't bloody kidding about popping! o_0 you look wonderful, though. I hope you're not too uncomfortable. Not long to go now...EEK! xxx

BiancaP said...
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Val said...

Positively blooming Peas! Soak up that sun while you can. :)

Coffee and Books Cape Town said...

looking good Boo!! xx

Unknown said...

You look really nice! You are carrying the children really well :)