Tuesday, March 04, 2014

my nethers

It's all going wrong.

The pregnancy niggles I've only read about that mostly affect those in their final weeks, have decided - all at once - to come a-knocking on my door.

So to speak.

I won't go into candid detail, but I'll rate my comfort level a sterling 1 out of 10 at the moment.

It might be because I suddenly find myself with (in no particular order):

Thrush, piles, leg rash, acute indigestion, pinched nerve in the foot. I can't walk more than from the bedroom to the kitchen.


It's all going wrong and my nether regions are experiencing what can only be described as the second Crimean War right now.

Mate, it's not pretty.

These final weeks are going to be heavy going.


The Chantal said...

oh noooooooooooooooooo thrush & piles together, I feel for you gal, really do! :(

Pebbles said...

Bloody parasites ;-) Hang in there Peas. Not long now

Secret said...

Oiiii...that sounds like my worst nightmare! All I can say is...at least you dont have a bladder infection too? :P