Friday, April 25, 2014

one month

My first milestone. The kind where I think about my Molly a lot.

One of my lovely friends, Mademoiselle, gifted us with a baby shoot for Sebastian. Usually I find them a bit cheesy-cheesy, but when it's a gift, my boy is 1 month, and it means I have an excuse to get out of my pyjamas and put some actual makeup on, who is to complain?

I can't wait to see them. He didn't even scream the house down either. S

Happy first month my little boy twin.

Peas: It's his first month. This means we can upload a photo to Facebook.

Brit: How long has it been?

Peas: Let's see. Ten days. Ten days since we last uploaded one.

Brit: OK. And people are usually more forgiving of milestones right.

Peas: Yes. Let's choose wisely. (We chose the one above, his cowlick I thought trumped other one month old's cowlicks.)

We are trying really hard to be disciplined with the baby photos on social networks. I'm already aware that my blog has become all about the baby recently. I promise to calm down once I have some semblance of my life back - as in I can leave the house more than once a day!


Gabi Mostert said...

Hi Peas!
My friend just set up a special Instagram account just for her baby (with his name) so people can choose to follow it or not :) And you can look back at it too - thought it was a great idea. Happy 1 month little Sebastian. x

Cassey Toi said...

I say post and share away. Sebastian is a big deal, and if people don't like it they're welcome to ignore it. Yay for mommyhood.

po said...

I would totally be sharing loads of baby photos! It is what is important in your life right now.

SpecialK said...
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SpecialK said...
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SpecialK said...
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SpecialK said...

The cutest little human! Happy 1 month precious Seb :) xx

Val said...

Sebastian is beyond cute! Keep the photos coming! ♥

An Aussie in Africa said...

I think all your readers are very pro-Sebastian, so it can be his blog for as long as you like :)

Tembz said...

Been a silent follower of your blog even before you left SA. So Seb can be in the limelight as long as you want. What a beautiful little person. Love his hair.

Peas on Toast said...

Thank you everyone. It is really REALLY hard yo be objective when it is your own: you literally think it is the most beautiful creature on Earth, but am aware that not everyone may think so.

(But he kinda is, right?! ;)