Wednesday, April 23, 2014

the good and the bad

This is good:
Milk coma.

This is bad:

When your child grabs your naked nipple while having a shit fit. Standing on three upturned plugs is less painful.

This is good:

Sleeping when they sleep.

This is bad:

Notice how this is in daylight. And not at actual night time.

This is good:

Late night shopping. I've taken to filling up carts of fashionable clothes from every retailer in Britain at unspeakable hours of the day. Boredom while feeding...and curiosity. What do normal people wear these days? What's in fashion this season? What do shops look like inside? And then closing the browser.
Except for that one time I checked out.

This is bad:

The colic persists, but we are doing everything we are told. And more. I look like shit.
This is funny:

The real baby milestones.


Secret said...

You dont look like shit! In fact, you look just lovely in the pic where you are sleeping with your little one :)

Coffee and Books Cape Town said...

Love the second PIC of you both xx

Val said...

Aw! You both look quite adorable. :)