Tuesday, June 03, 2014


Well Mum's left and it's awfully quiet around here.

The Brit luckily has the week off, so for the first time since before their birth, it is just us 3. And I have to say, we are starting to really enjoy our baby.

He is 10 weeks old today, and as he develops and his digestive system starts to mature he is slowly but surely becoming easier. I say this, and then suddenly we'll have a disastrous day full of crying, wind and not sleeping. Either way, we are starting to get to know him and the battles seem fewer. Mostly. Sometimes.

He's bloody smiling! Just when we were starting to wonder whether all the sleepless nights would amount to anything, he started beaming. Just before Mum went home.

He's also growing at a rate of knots - he has those pudgy little legs you just want to squeeze and he is a long boy. He will be out of his Moses basket by the end of the week.

Amongst all this, I've developed a bit of a problem.

Obsession with his wardrobe and baby clothes in general. Online shopping and eBay are merely clicks away and this newfound hobby is gong to start getting expensive.

But fuck it's fun.

 My heart. My boys.

...suddenly they smile. Just in time. Their survival depends on it.


Val said...

I'm smiling now too! Gorgeous photos! :)

MeeA said...

"...suddenly they smile. Just in time. Their survival depends on it."

Ain't that the truth!
He's absolutely gorgeous, Peas! :)

Vannessa said...

Those first smiles are the best!!

Peas on Toast said...

They are indeed!