Thursday, June 26, 2014

the baby spa

I gathered my skirts yesterday and got on a bus headed to Kensignton, with Sebastian bundled in his pram.

He was 3 months old yesterday, so to celebrate I met up with a friend and her baby who is roughly the same age as Sebastian.
I noticed she'd been frequenting this baby spa whereby babies get to swim around in a pool, get massaged and generally pampered.

While my vice is buying too many baby clothes, hers was visiting this delightful place every week.
I wanted a piece of that.

It's amazing. Owned by a South African couple from Cape Town, natch. They patented the 'Bubby', this foam floatation device that the baby's head rests on while they swim freely around this warm, jacuzzi bath. Classical music in the background.

Only in London would you get such a thing: a spa just for babies. 

Well, it was just the most heartwarming thing. Watching my little boy and his baby buddy swim, while their heads floated above water.

Such a clever piece of equipment, well didn't I bloody think of this? Could be a hashtag millionaire by now.

Then they get massaged. By the time it was all over, both babies were lying conko in their buggies, passed out from all the action. Seb's never done so much exercise in his little life.

Definitely going to go again. Will ditch buying any baby clothes for a while to replace expenditure.

 Look  at those chubby legs. He's a sumo wrestler.
 Chilling in the tub with his buddy.
 My sweet baby child.
 Fascinated by the toys.

How cool is this business?


Ally Hill said...

That is incredible!! Wish that had been around when I had my Little Man.

Val said...

That is an amazing idea! Wow! My grandson has been swimming in a heated pool since he was 6 months, but this is something else. Too bloody cute!! Check out that little face in the second last picture!!
Cuteness personified. :)

SpecialK said...

Off the hook cool!! Seb just gets cuter and cuter <3

Flarkit said...

nuff sed ;-)

Coffee and Books Cape Town said...

Ah my little tadpole!

Michael LeMoine said...

Who would have thought that babies can also get pampered and relaxed at a spa setting? Haha! It's cool to see how universal the spa experience has gotten, that it's open for little people like them. Anyway, Sebastian looks really cute while he was in the water in that purple inflatable on his neck. So adorable!

Michael LeMoine @ Belleza Med Spa

daria said...

hello, i want to buy this bubby for my child that has cereblar paralisy :( how can I get this one? thank you

Michele Retief said...

I also want to buy one but van get hold of one. Please hel i dont want the plastic ones

Michele Retief said...

I also want to buy one but van get hold of one. Please hel i dont want the plastic ones