Tuesday, July 22, 2014

the world

Seems like all people want to do around the world at the moment, is kill each other.

Either by shooting down full planes of people in aeroplanes, or going to full-out war - once again, in its 4 000 year history of conflict - in the Middle East.

And these are just the headline grabbers.

But the thing that really got to me, and made me almost vomit (I haven't been able to read beyond the headline and only know the basic details otherwise I fear I will go mad), is the story about the little boy and the hijackers in South Africa.

It makes me so sick to my core, I want to scream.

Why is the world so fucked up?

Hashtag depressed.


po said...

I know. I used to read the news a lot but now I tend to stick to a bubble where I don't need to hear these awful things. At least that family got their child back and he was not hurt... I guess.

po said...

Oh gosh, wrong hijacker story :( I read one where the hijackers kept a boy for three days and then took him to a mall where he was eventually returned to his parents. I think they just did not want to do with him and he was not part of their plan. A much happier story than the one you linked to, sheesh!

Katinafrica said...

So sick of the world at the moment. That story and the babies on the plane that was shot down. Having kids these stories just destroy me. It's been a bad year.

Val said...

I'm joining po in the bubble. The world is going mad.

Coffee and Books Cape Town said...

I know which one you mean Boo. The "Mommy please help me" boy who didn't make it. So sickening I really just don't know what to say. I am a man sure. All these crimes are being committed by MEN. If there was ever a time for a Second Coming on this earth its now. Retreating into a bubble does not help. If all the "Good' people did that, what then? Understand the frustration. How can each of us help reverse this evil in some small way? Maybe stop people criticising the USA so much. The good deeds they do are never acknowledged properly. Such as 47m just given to the Palestinians to help. Two thirds of famine relief given to Somalia a couple of years ago. But all and sundry keep vilifying them. Sure they've made mistakes in the past, who hasn't. But they've got my vote and support. I end up in a lot of arguments with conspiracy theorists etc "the CIA is behind everything " etc. Aagh!!!! Support those making a genuine effort to help the world and monitor and discipline evil despots????? Dad xx

Coffee and Books Cape Town said...

PS. The world is asking - why is Washington being so QUIET about the Ukraine tragedy and crisis? My guess? They are THINKING. Carefully. They promised to get Bin Laden in ten years. And? They did. Like the others. Minimal fuss and collateral damage. God Bless them.

Steve Finnell said...


Is accepting as fact that God created the heavens and the earth strictly a faith alone concept? Is it not logical that an intelligent designer had to be involved in the creation process?

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Everyone agrees that billions of years would not be long enough for brick, wood, and mortar to evolve into a house.

To believe the theory of evolution you not only have to contradict logic, but you have to forsake reason.

Those who deny that God exists and is the creator of all things, are truly without excuse!

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Coffee and Books Cape Town said...

Evolution and belief in God is not mutually exclusive. Evolution is happening as we speak. Survival of the fittest shows us mosquito's moving into colder climes. The human body becoming more resistant to anti biotics etc. The list is endless. If you eschew evolution you will be treated as a crank! No. The real miracle of God is the initiation of life in a hostile environment at the beginning. BEFORE evolution had a chance to operate. There are enough marvels and mysteries in the animal kingdom to believe in a God. Bird navigation just one of thousands of examples. No. Embrace science. And embrace a divine Lord too. I mean. What do any of us really know? But evolution is a fact... Take it or leave it. But you could lose further credibility!