Wednesday, April 01, 2015

sebastian's party

I think Sebby's first birthday party was somewhat of a success. Sure, I didn't rustle up a batch of homemade cupcakes, and didn't craft my way through a theme, so I'm sitting firmly on the gate exclaiming, "I'm a working mother! I do the best I can with the time I have!"


We invited lots of Sebastian's first friends - so there were actually quite a few babies at this gig. It was chaotic and crazy, and Sebastian got his first ever taste of cake and chocolate.

It'll be the last time we can host something like this in the corner of a pub again. Next time they'll be running around, high on e-numbers, and we'll be running right after them.

I wasn't going to do party packs and hats and things, but as I said before, I am fucking glad we went to a bunch of parties before Sebby's, because that kind of set the scene of what is expected should be done. And having bags full of sweets for adults and party packs is all jolly good fun. And we definitely need a bit of that around here.

I felt like Betty Crocker when I did these. Seriously.

I got toppers made for some of the cupcakes. While Molly was 'present,' 99% of the day was all about Sebastian.

I even combed his hair, gave him one of those annoying flashcards people use on Facebook, and made him pose for some pictures for his first birthday.

(He enjoyed it for 2 minutes, then lost his shit.)
I got a party pack of decorations in a circus theme, for no other reason that it was bright and colourful and pretty gender neutral for now.

Then we sprinkled a bit of joy over the tables at the venue.
 And hung up some party hats, in amongst blue and pink balloons for both of them.
 ...and then covered the table with wine and cider.
 This little monkey just had chocolate for the first time when this was taken. He bounced off the walls all night after this. In a scary sort of way. It was a nightmare getting him to sleep. Seriously scary what sugar can do.
I'm one! Actual.


MeeA said...

Sounds like a good party! Sweets & booze and a first for his First! :)
The cupcakes with toppers for both of them are a great way to acknowledge Molly, too. And those assorted cupcakes look fabulous!

Val said...

Lovely photos! Looks like he thoroughly enjoyed his 1st birthday. Cute as a button. :)