Monday, November 16, 2015

help. our neighbour is evil.

With the world going mad, Paris, everything else, our upstairs neighbour decided to flare up again.

I absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, believe that this woman is pure evil.

For over two years we've endured her. She's rude, she stomps up the stairs and on the floors above us, so much I wonder whether she will fall through the floorboards, she Hoovers at 10pm at night every night just to be difficult, and she screams.

Boy does this bitch scream. On Friday, at 12:30pm, we woke up to her screaming obscenities to her husband above us. Sebastian didn't wake up; but we certainly did. Ranting on and on in French-English, (but choosing to say 'fuck' in English a thousand times), we wondered what on Earth her wet lettuce of-a-husband had done now.
Or was it us? Or was it upstairs above her, because they'd had a quiet dinner party?

Basically, what the fuck had pissed her off so much that she'd become practically bi-polar with rage in the middle of the night?

The irony wasn't lost. The Paris attacks had happened 3 hours earlier, and here she was shouting to her husband at the top of her voice, screaming "they have no fucking respect for me!" which made me think two things:
1) she wasn't angry because of what had gone down in Paris;
2) what about Paris? Have some respect yourself! Surely something hadn't ticked you off more than what had gone down in your home city??

Then on Saturday, we got the blockbuster. Out of nowhere.

Not quite happy with waking up everyone on Friday, she went mental on Saturday. Sebastian woke up crying - possibly from a bad dream, possibly from his tooth hurting him, at about 5:00am.

We got up to give him Calpol, but it took him a few minutes to settle.

Well, she only went and fucking lost it.

She woke, up, started screaming, "Shut the fuck up! SHUT THE FUCK UP!" and then, started banging on the ceiling/her floor with something loudly and over and over while screaming.

I'm not going to lie, I was terrified. So was Seb; he stopped crying immediately. The Brit pounded the ceiling back and told her to shut up, but i can't lie to you - I am in shock.

Who does that? If my child was old enough to understand those words and heard someone telling him to "shut the fuck up" I would claw her eyeballs out myself. My husband keeps telling me to calm down about this, because it'll only escalate, but I am absolutely livid.

How can she get away with being so nasty? Who does that to a baby? It's not like he cries all the time, in fact, Sebastian is a pretty good sleep er when he's not teething or in an unfamiliar place.

We have to share a communal area with this evil woman, and now I am fearful of leaving and entering my own home. Nevermind tip-toeing around our house in case we piss her off.

I don't know what to do, or where we should turn. Can we do anything? Or just continue to assume she is unhinged and try to lay low?
Any advice?

(Besides egging her house or doing the obvious - the woman is completely unreasonable, and God knows what she'll do if she's really provoked.)

I thought we had a nightmare neighbour.  But we are actually in a nightmare.


Nicole M said...

I read your last post about your neighbour ages ago, but would confronting her not help? Or something legal perhaps - like something to the equivalent of a noise restraint...or something? There must be something!

In fact you can!

(sorry, I was googling as I was commenting) :)

Nicole M said...

Also this one - for her late night shotuing fits:

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Bug Eyed said...

Phone social services and tell them she's abusing her husband.

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Peas on Toast said...

Thanks so much for your responses and help! We are building a case, gathering other neighbours and getting ready to fight it out. Wish us luck! xxx