Wednesday, November 25, 2015

neighbour nastiness: an update

 I actually hate her. Like, she haunts my dreams. She haunts my thoughts and I wish I could burn down her house in a [controlled] fire. Only because our house is below hers.

So fed up am I, I called the people that live above her and hosted a little meeting. I figured we couldn't be the only people in the world who have beared the brunt of her extreme unpleasantness.

Turns out I was right.

The couple living above them  - only having lived there for a few months - have already had a few run-ins with her. As much as this is shit for them, misery loves company, and I am immediately thinking: ALIBI.

Bitch, you are going down.

We have starting logging what she does to build a case, as have our other neighbours above her. I wish I could take this sheet straight to the police and ask them to have her done on harrassment and intimidation charges, but alas, one has to be restrained and sensible.

I've asked the other neighbours if we can call a meeting with her husband. While he has no backbone, he is 8 000 times more reasonable (and approachable) than she is.
In that meeting, which I fantasise about every time I feel like a prisoner at home - which is all the time lately - "One more step out of your line, and I'll be calling the police on your psycho wife."

But again, this will probably be conveyed in a more passive-aggressive way. 'Police' referred to as "the authorities" and his horrible, self-absorbed ball and chain as "his wife."

I just want to move now. Moving to a bigger place has kind of been on the cards for a little while, as we are rapidly growing out of our spot. Sebastian's stuff is kind of taking over our living area.
But this has escalated things. Every time Sebastian cries or, like lately, has a tantrum, a massive coil of anxiety opens up in my stomach and I wince. What the hell am I supposed to do?

Last night, Sebby had a [frankly, terrifying] 30 minute tantrum because I said no the fourth falafal. He's almost 2, this is going to happen. But it does involve a separate discussion - my GOD, tantrumming almost 2-year olds are scary as all shit.

How does my little angel turn into a monster at the flick of a switch? What do you do? I try to ignore it, use the power of distraction, not let it get to me, but it is the worst. Especially knowing that she is above, about to break all hell loose after midnight with some ranting, swearing and banging to get us 'back' for this.

While Sebby has started to learn how to cuddle and snuggle with us in the mornings, essentially giving us a bit of a 'lie-in' while he burrows his little head next to mine, strokes my face (for realz. Literally just melt), gives us kisses and it's all just the best thing in the world, conversely the tantrums are loud and shocking, and he writhes around on the floor and refuses to listen or reason.
I try to plead with him sometimes, because I know that she is going to make us pay for this later.

He's 20 months. He can't reason and he can't listen through all that howling. He doesn't give a shit that she is evil.

All of this is quite trying. I know I just got back from holiday, but I feel as though I could really do with another.

PS: Do voodoo dolls work? Considering this option. In all seriousness.
PSS: I am willing to stoop low, just so long my fingerprints aren't on the evidence, so any other suggestions welcome. Can't be direct sabotage. But if someone has a shweet witch doctor with a special muti that they can consult on speed dial, do let me know.


Val said...

Nothing worse - sympathise with you Peas. Move as soon as you can and I hope the tantrums soon become a thing of the past.

Madi said...

If you can film / record sound of her rants for record that could also come in handy. Just something to keep in mind :)

We had a nightmare neighbour below us who basically said that even as a ''reasonable person'' she could still hear us walking around our flat, opening doors and turning the light on and off. So basically, us being alive was too loud for her. It was stressful for us but can only imaging how stressful it is trying to keep a toddler quiet.

Good luck!

Bug Eyed said...

aah....the tantrum years. Not many people know this, the only way to deal with tantrums is to have an even bigger tantrum. Not because you're a bad parent, but because this is the only basic language / behaviour a toddler understands. Oooh! They stop in their tracks because you're louder and scarier, so you win.

Try it. Worked like a charm for me and after a few times, guess what. When you speak, he'll listen.

Bug Eyed said...

Of course the same can not be said for your neighbour. Medication? Sounds like she needs it.