Monday, January 17, 2005


So, I'm at the SABC (large corporation that broadcasts all SA television shows, and radio stations), so that I can coordinate the recording of the two latest radio ads that I wrote. I look like I just stepped out of an all-night bhangra bash in New Delhi, what with my mismatched hippie gear that I decided to throw on thsi morning for lack of better judgement - not looking jooge at all - and of course, Gareth Cliff, the sexiest most amazing DJ with a voice like crushed velvet is on air in his little glass bubble studio. I applied more lipstick, and contemplated flashing him my tits but thought better of it, and kissed the glass, giving him a large toothy grin. He just looked super bemused and didn't even smile back. Then Candy waves at him and she gets a wave back.

This is the guy I listen to religiously between 3:00 and 6:00 pm EVERY SINGLE DAY. I love him for God's sake! I mean, I think that I may even be secretely in love with him? And he fobs me off??? Most crushing. But then he did look rather undebonair in his old tracksuit top. I'm sure he just didn't see me. Although I am wearing Hangover Acid green.


matchbox said...

that dj sounds like a dick! i mean how could he not go for acid green? maybe he is colourblind or something and you looked like you were wearing some revolting colour?!i am sure there is a reason for it, or maybe he is playing hard to get - time to re-think your strategy!!!as for paris - id like to burn her and all her clothes on a big fire, and that dog. i hate that little dog she has - it has evil eyes - seriously!!

matchbox said...

i did post a comment - but im not sure its showing up - i think i am retarded. Honestly i have no brain in this head on mine. If it didnt let me know and ill post what i said again!!!

Peas on Toast said...

ha ha - totally with you on Paris' rat, I mean dog. Especially since it travels around in its own Louis Vuitton bag!
And yes my favourite radio DJ is officially on my new hit list, which goes something like this:
2)Paris Hilton
3)Gareth Cliff
By I shant let these incredibly annoying people but a blip on my day. Afterall I'm about to go home after a very productive day at the office! Yeehah!:)

Third World Ant said...

Gareth Cliff - shame on you. Now Marc Gillman, there's a cult-worthy dj! As for the green, I approve, naturally. So this season, so in my wardrobe right now! I could go on about that for ages! But, I'll spare you...

Peas on Toast said...

Whaaaaaat? Mark Gillman? Are you out of your tree? Let me tell you a story about Mark the recording guy told me at the SABC yesterday: he thinks he is God. He went to an Audi dealership and said to the woman behind the desk, "Don't you know who I am?" She was like, "Nooo?"
He took off his sunnies, and said: "Now?"
She's said, "Sorry dude, I don't know who you are."
A last stab at his diginity he said, "I'm from 5fm."
She said, "what's that?" He is such a screamer in the mornings! Dude! Although I'm admittedly a little upset about Gareth...

Peas on Toast said...

Oh, and Pimp My Ride and Matchstick - how could anyone ignore Acid green? It's possibly the greatest colour around right now! Glad you agree with me on this one!