Monday, January 17, 2005

ghost bus freakouts

OK things are getting freaky. The pyschic that came with us on the tour said that in photographs, ghosts sometimes show themselves as hazy white orbs. Two of my photos had these orb things. I just got a phonecall from Denzil, a guy that came on the tour, and said that he found five pictures on his camera that he never took. And they are filled with these orbs. Ok, so getting scarier. Then, THEN. Denxil was going to sleep last night and he heard this ka-thud in the middle of the night. He switched his light find...his Bible on the floor opened to a page. He read the scripture and apparently it said something with reference about walking with the dead or something. Now Denxil is a drama queen at the best of times, but it's still a little hectic.
Then Jo and Khali's cameras didn't work at all. Both their shutters jammed during the trip and have only started working again today. This could all be a very coincedental turn of phrase, but it's still a little freaky.

This ghostly stuff has called for another competition.


What is the most paranormal thing that has ever happened to you/tell us the scariest ghost story you have ever heard. Don't be shy.

I grew up in an old Victorian house in the Natal Midlands (that's near Durban for all y'all foreign people.) I loved my old house and never had any probelms except for being afraid of the dark. The house started out as a school in the 1800s, then was a doctor's practices, then residents just used it as a home. I lived there for 18 years of my life and heard and felt nothing.
On the last night I ever slept in that house, I was going to uni the next day, I tossed and turned all night. I suppose it was sad I'd never live there agin, because my mum was moving to Cape Town. At about midnight I found myself dozing with my eyes closed, but was still wide awake. Something made me open them suddenly, and I got the fright of my life because this guy was staring right into my face! I remember jumping up, not because the guy was scary-looking, but just because he was looking right into my face. He looked about late-twenties, lots of facial hair and wearing a tie dye t-shirt. What scared the shit out of me was when I noticed that I could see his feet - he was wearing hi-top sneakers. Ergonomically, I couldn't see the floor right next to me when I was lying in bed, but could see his elevated feet! He walked to the end of my bed and then literally disolved like a disprin. I wasn't scared so went back to sleep but it was still a wierd thing to see. Fully.

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