Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I'm scared out of my tree. All this tsunami stuff/floods/etc etc has fuelled alot of talk in the office about the end of the world. One particularly religious colleague of mine, Fiona, told me that I need to be "saved" if I have any hope of going to heaven. I told her I am a confirmed Catholic - isn't that good enough? Apparently not. She told me that one day, God is going to have something called "A Rapture", where all the hardcore born-again Christians will be taken from the Earth - just disappear - while everyone else is left to deal with chaos and doom on Earth. Is quite a farfetched theory. But I listened and it got me thinking - shit! I'm going to hell aren't I? I haven't exactly been a moral person over the last couple of months! She gave me a book to read last month. Called "Left Behind." You can just imagine what it is about. It's a fictional novelistic account of this pilot whose life is turned upside down cops all the Christians disappear. It's written by a preacher - go figure. But it's hectic! I'm scared shitless when I turn off my light and try to sleep. Steve thinks I'm mad to even contemplate reading it and thinks I've got nuts. I haven't I'm just scared!

How true is all of this?
Is there any way of knowing?
How do I avoid going to hell?
Why does Jesus choose like that?
I thought he wasn't judgmental?
What happens to all the religious people who are Jewish/Hindu/Muslim?
I'm scared! I THINK I HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED, but because I'm not exactly thinking objectively right now, I'm not quite sure.



B said...

If anyone actually knew the answers to all of these questions, then they would probably be billionaires right now. People are all sorts of different religions for many reasons, mainly because they believe that is the religion that is correct. I don't know if there is really one right religion or not. Just stick with what you know, and thats Catholicism. And don't fear the end of the world... if it happens, it happens I say. Just shortens the hell we all go through on Earth. You can read the book and thats good (and Steve shouldn't think you are a whacko in doing so... :P), but don't let it scare you shitless. Think about all the positives instead of whether or not the world is going to end soon. If all we did was worry about the end of the world then we would be pretty screwed up.

Peas on Toast said...

Just what I needed to hear, thanks Brandon! I suppose it's just been a huge rush of freaky information and I'm trying not to become overwhelmed by it all...
Nevertheless, what sacres is is that apparently we go to hell, which means we burn for eternity. I'm not sure I could handle that. But then, how do we even know there is a hell right? I think I'll read the Cosmo tonight. I'm all for something shallow and consumeristic. Easier to sleep.

HKMacs said...

Relax, dude. If it happens - it happens - fuck all you can do about it!

Peas on Toast said...

True, true.