Tuesday, February 15, 2005

itchy twinkies

There is absolutely nothing worse than having an itchy... thing.

Was walking through a shopping centre yesterday and suddenly got the urge to scratch my twinkie. I do not have thrush/crabs/pubic lice. Swear on my life.

So went into @ Home and had a good scratch behind the cushions and glass bowls shelf.


Christopher said...

I hope your, uh, twinkie is better now.

P.S That is the most honest post I have ever read from a girl. Ever. If only the girls I knew were as forthright.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Chris! My forthrightness can sometimes be a problem, I have got myself into a whole lot of trouble by being honest.

And all the chicks you know have itched their twinkies before. Even if they haven't told you. :)

Christopher said...

Twinkies. What a great name for it.

My honesty usually gets me into trouble. I'm perhaps a little too honest at times. Mostly about myself.

Apparently, ladies fart as well. They don't seem to celebrate it like men do. How odd.

Ed Abbey said...

I've surely fallen off the 'hip words' boat. Twinkie? I've heard it called a lot of things but never a twinkie. How many other names exist on that side of this world?

Peas on Toast said...

Chris - Females never fart. We just don't do that. It's a figment of your imagination.

Ed - Other names for twinkies:
- cookie
- wee wee
- nonny
- and the rest you could probably find on your average porn movie. Try Shaving Ryan's Privates. It'll get you a dictionary's worth of foul-mouthed twinkie synonyms.

Christopher said...

I've got Lord Of The G-Strings and it has taught me nothing except how to make a porn film completely un-erotic.

B said...

I thought twinkie was for a guys thing... after all, a twinkie is soft but sometimes can be hard, its long and shaft-like, and it's filled with cream filling.

From around here, many of the girls call it their coochie (sp) or their love lips. Weird... :)

Christopher said...

I am learning so much today!

Binsk said...

That's a funny post...not that I do that...not that there's anything wrong with it! ;)

Blog ho said...

happens to the best of us :(

Third World Ant said...

a pal coined a great term for a twinkie the other day - fnoo! or is that fnu? chuckles over the cream-filled stodgy dessert-thing analogy, B. and yes, my fnoo has itched before, and thank god my desk has a cover panel in front of its legs!

Peas on Toast said...

B - That's a good point B. Twinkie being a winky. But no, it's a girl's thingie and that's how it's staying.

Chris - me too

Robin - You've NEVER in your whole life scratched??? Not even once?

Ho - It does. That's why I don't believe it when someone says they've never scratched their twinkie.

Pimp - A fnu/oo!!!! That is a FANTASTIC word. It beats Twinkie anyday. From now on, I'm adopting fnu....

Geek's Girl said...

So I'm in Tyger Valley Centre today and suddenly I have an itch and I'm thinking will I make it to the @home store in time before the itch just kills me?

Thanks to you @home now seems like the only suitable place to scratch :-)