Friday, April 08, 2005


Well I'm feeling pretty low. My colleagues and I managed to negotiate a nice package for ourselves, and they were keen to buy us out so that we didn't go to court and take the company for everything they have. I'm not sure where to go from here.

The fact that I was planning to go to SFrisco at the end of this year has put a serious spanner in the works: Do I get another full-time job and resign at the end of the year? (looks bad) Do I get back into journalism full-time or carry on in advertising?
Or do I get a temp job and fuck around until October, until my package runs out, then head off to California earlier?

I'm going to be all cheesy and leave it to a little thing called fate.
The HR department is liaising with our holding company, that owns about 50 publications. If they can help me to get a job at one of those magazines or newspapers, then I'll take it.
If not I'll temp and freelance. Khali left a whole lot of applications for journalists and copywriters on my desk, and I cannot be bothered to even start the process. Looking for a job, all the interviews and such, sucks major ass.

Demotivation is a horrible thing.


Two | Face said...

Good afternoon Laurian. I really hope fate is going to be a good friend of yours and not some distant relation.

Carpe Diem!

Christopher said...

I leave everything to fate and karma. Hope everything works out for you.

zuzula said...

A job in journalism for eight months is a lifetime in itself! Go for it - you have to live for the moment. Brush up that CV and get writing to all the places you WANT to work for. Eight months of temping would drive you insane, I think.

Two | Face said...

I agree with zuzula.

Stephanie said...

Sorry to hear about your job. I think that Zuzula has a great point. Think of all of the places that you would want to be working at and start applying. From what I have read here you are mighty talented and I am sure you will find great work soon.

Blog ho said...

I'm with chris. head out early, sell the house, sell the cat, i'll meet you in LA...but i'm a bit low on cash so is it cool if i crash with you for awhile?

Binsk said...

Poor girl...I know it'll work out better for you in the end. Right now is just the difficult transition time.

Peas on Toast said...

hi guys!

Thanks for all your words of wisdom. You're right about temping, and I'm already borderline acoholic, so I'm not really ready to progress - digress? into full-on acoholism just yet. Taking one day at a time, extending my trip to Europe by a week and then going to look for a job full-time.

I bawled my eyes out for the first time last night, over a bottle of Jack Daniels. The neighbours already think we're weird, so who knows what they thought with my incessant crying.
But for now - seizethe day!

Stephanie said...


Oh poor you! I'd give you a hug if I could. You'll be fine in the end, this is just a bit of a shitty patch. You are young, intelligent and talented - you'll find another great job soon.

Take care!