Wednesday, April 06, 2005

i have been retrenched

So in a cruel state of affairs, life gets worse.

We got a new CEO in January. He's an asshole. He wants to restructure the company. So has unwittingly liquidated the marketing and advertising department.

Meaning: He has retrenched our entire department.

We are all hysterical and shcoked right now. I'm so mad. And now I have be calm and collected in my meeting with HR so that I can negotiate for myself a decent package.

So I may just move to Berlin sooner than I thought.

Oh my bloody God and fuck.


Two | Face said...

God what a shock, I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope they can work something out for you. My thoughts are with you on this one.

zuzula said...

Oh God, what a nightmare - that's shit. We've just had a big wave of that here too - it's so horrid :( Good luck hon x

Peas on Toast said...

Hi guys

Thanks for the kind words. Yes it's crappahontis, but I will be ok. I think. The department has managed to wangle a good package from thsi [shitty] company, so for a couple of months at least, I can kick back and look for a new job. It's just come at shitty timing, since I was planning to only resign early next year when I head to SFrisco. So I may just be going earlier than I thought if I don't find anything.
Freelancing is also an option, and I do that anyway, so I won't be totally not busy.
Still, I'm frustrated, furious, ....and retrenched. And at 24, it just doesn't seem right.

Two | Face said...

What's the job situation in your field anyway like?

Peas on Toast said...

Journalism is a tough nut to crack. Job prospects get much better after 5 years experience. I have three. However, I have a number of contacts out there that I'm hoping will pull for me.
I turned down a job not too long ago that was my dream position.

I could kick myself for not taking it. But then, who would've known??
But I'm not too worried. The panci hasn't hit me. Yet.

Paperslut said...


Aha... I see things aren't as cheerio in Africa as they seem.

Since I suck at giving advice, here's some... consume another bottle of el vino, walk into the new CEOs office totally sozzled, and let him listen to some of that Keane from Steve's ipod, all the while shouting the above profanity.

It wont get you a good package, but hey, you can't have it all, can you?

Ps. you don't actually need to get sozzled to complete the task, but it'll give you that warm feeling in your stomach that no job, man, "package", ever can...

Peas on Toast said...

Oh Wonderwall, you're a funny mofo. You're the greatest.
Well I have the package, so I suppose I can do that now hey??

Funny enough, for once we have no booze in our office fridge. So had better make a plan...

Ed Abbey said...

I was laid off from my job of five years so in desperation, I jumped onto the first ship that came by. It turned out to be slowly sinking. Finally, after two years spent on that damn leaky ship, I found the job where I am at now that I like very much. Sometimes, it just takes awhile before your ship comes sailing in.

Peas on Toast said...

Wise words Ed. Maybe SFrisco will be my ship.

Who knows? I am in a state of flux where I have no idea what to think, nevermind what to do next. But I'm onto it, and have updated the old CV and have sent it out. Now we wait and see.

zuzula said...

maybe you should get back in touch with that magazine and ask if they still need a features ed - wasn't that long ago was it?

Binsk said...

Sorry to hear that chickie!

Nettie said...
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ekke said...

I think I hold the record. retrenched twice in a row, at 23.