Tuesday, May 24, 2005


My current predicament means that I feel anxious all the time. Feeling anxious, panicky and worriful is just another adjunct to my complicated personality, but I truly hate it.
Am I going to get this story done on time?
Am I getting myself into serious hot water with my ex? (Yes)
Am I risking my relationship with my current? (Yes)
Does everybody hate me because I am an emotional wreck? (Probabaly)
Aaaaaraaggh and fuck.

Do I need to take drugs to feel better? (Would love some thanks)
Some people have mood problems, or temper tantrums or weep all day long.
I have an anxiety-ridden personality and it is really MOST uncomfortable.


janie q said...

ummmmmmmmmm, you forgot to mention you'll probably get an ulcer because of all of this. shopping usually helps calm me down and when i'm really feeling overwhelmed cuz so much is going on and my brain can't seem to function, i start writing down EVERY little thing that needs to get done. it's like, if i see it in writing, it allows my brain more space to think, if that makes any sense at all. and you actually have made yourself a little list of your own, i think you're on your way! i know you made my brain feel better.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Janie Q.
YOu're right. And after a glass of vino at lunch, I'm feeling slightly better. And shopping is the best medicine for almost anything...so bring on pay day!:)

janie q said...

hey wait a minute, i had tuna salad on whole wheat for lunch, but no wine. i need to look for a new lunch crowd!

Binsk said...

Poor chickie...hope things get a little less hectic for you soon!

I know the two men thing just about killed me.