Tuesday, June 07, 2005

am annoyed by power gap

Still no word from Ex. Went out for a coupla drinkie-poos with THird World Ant last night, because am upset with current power failure on my part.
Theis guy has taken away my power before. Letting him do it again would make me an incurable retard. But what can one do if he has decided not to contact me again? Absolutely nothing, that's what and it's driving me crazy.

THird World Ant reckons that because he's been keen on me for some time, and I was in it just for the physical attributes, then he's mad that I won't commit to him. (Hello? Are you insane. I will never commit to you). The sex was great, the physical attraction completely overwhelming, but the rest was about as intersting as...tile grouting to be perfectly frank. I thought men loved women that just wanted sex/no commitment/just good old bonky bonky. Last week, he told me that 1) He thinks I'm a nymphimaniac (OK, where's the problem here??)
2) He wants to ...eeew...'make love', not 'fuck.'
(BUt why??)

So THird World Ant reckons he's ignoring me because he thinks I'm going to break his heart. Well he got there first, and now I'm sad and grumpy and pissed off. Also because he nearly sublimed me in his car, which is never fantastic.

John, the sales dude here at work, who prides himself as being a womaniser, 'but has since reformed' told me straight: he's found somebody else. Now usually I'm cynical when it comes to men and I would totally believe this. THing is, how can he suddebly be not keen on me, when 6 hours earlier for three weeks, all he wanted was me???

Anyhoo, there is no point running through the what if's. I've been ditched. BY the same person. Twice. I deserve to fall into my grave from sheer stupidity.


janie q said...

i'm not sure i've followed this, so this actually might not make any sense, but here goes. i think once you've been with a guy and allowed them to set a standard with you, as in, i'm going to let him treat me like a doormat, and what are you going to do about, and then you actually allow them to get away with it, you've let that person know it's ok for them to treat you like that. i don't know if you can follow that or not. anyway, unless you can establish right away you're not going to let someone treat you like a doormat, that if they want you back in their life they are the ones that are going to have to figure it out, then you have to accept you may lose that peson, but if you stop and think about it, are you not better off without that person in your life. who is that person to treat you like that? if that's not they way you would ever treat someone, why do they think it's ok to treat you like that. hope you can make some sense out of these rambling. hope you have a great day.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Janie. It makes total sense.
Just trying to get over the fact that I am stupid and cannot believe that out of all the good guys out there - and I now there are plenty - every now and then you'll stumble on a complete asshole that you just hope won't be an idiot. Then you fall in love with him. And it makes all men look bad.

Paperslut said...

Do pick up the new coldplay cd if you can. I got it, and the store guy gave me a cool poster. That always helps, regardless of assholes, graves, and other negative things that don't make much sense but seem pretty okay.

I'm just too kicked... ! :D

Blog ho said...

if he dug you once...he still digs you. that's forbidden advice, though. burn this comment when you're done with it.

Binsk said...

Blog Ho rules!!!

Good to know.

janie q said...

it's that falling in love thing that always complicates everything

Peas on Toast said...

Wonderwall - Got some of their new songs on MP3. They do kick ass, but at the moemnt my obsession is Keane. Healthy obsession mind you. I think.

Ho - Really? Wow, that's pretty cool. Even if its the wrong advice.

Binsk - Yes he does. And it is nice to know, even if I cant use it ;)

Janie - yes it does. I wish I had better control on my feelings. Aaaargh.

Third World Ant said...

The Plan, The Plan - stick with The Plan. Mkay?

Peas on Toast said...

Third World Ant - You are my master. YOu devised me too ridiculously amazing plans, and I divulge, that I will definitely stick to Plan 1. (Although it seems as though Plan 2 is panning out all on it's own.)

The Plan=I'm sticking to it.