Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Firstly, read about mapping in Wapping on Yes I am a loser.

Secondly, there is nothing worse than when you feel like you have nothing to look forward to. Sure, there's a weekend coming up in three days and I'm having faceless people around for dinner tomorrow (mainly because I have to - I owe them). I'm one of these people that hates my own company and hates not having something to look forward to.

On my own I have way too much time to think. Without having something to look forward to, I get depressed.

Wait, I know! I know! I'm going grocery shopping at lunch! Why didn't I think of this before! Ooooh I am so excited: pushing a trolley around stupid aisles that try to make me buy the more expensive products by stacking products in a psychologically fucked up way! Fighting for parking! Buying guinea pig food! Listening to elevator music while I browse for the best frozen peas! Oh goodie, I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself.

Seriously, what do I have to look forward to. I need a goal.
1) I will buy bath products at Pick 'n Pay. Lavish myself in luxury while I bath.
2) It's Wednesday. Which means tomorrow is Thursday, by some coincedental turn of phrase. Which means I can watch Desperate Housewives.
3)It's my birthday in September
4) It's Kevin's housewarming next week, and he's hiring a jumping castle.
5) Maybe one day, the South African Bureau of Tax Fuck Ups will process my income tax forms and I will be allowed to embellish my outstanding retrenchment package and paid out provident funds. I will buy a red Audi with aforementioned money, and possibly, some high heels.
6) I am dressed in yellow today. This is either emant to make me feel ridiculously happy...or suicidal.
7) I can listen to cheesy music in Steve's car on the way to Pick 'n Pay. Now I'm really clutching at straws.
8) Next month, when I get a full salary, I will buy a rug and two chairs. I'm sick of living in a commune. I want to live in a home. God that sounds pathetic.
9) My boss is going to a conference, so I can take regular smoke breaks.
10) It's already 10.49 am. Only 5 1/2 hours to go until I can go home and be a sloth, basking in my own mess and watching E! TV. I think tonight is the E! True Hollywood Story on Keanu Reeves. Compelling.

Briget Jones has more chutzpah than I have right now. Truly frightening.


Paperslut said...

Buy the Coldplay Cd! Buy the Coldplay Cd! Buy the Coldplay Cd!!!!

You have nothing to do, so you might as well. Unless you can afford to see them live in England. In that case, do that! Damnit. I hate having just-not-enough money!

Peas on Toast said...

Ok, judging by your enthusiasm, it may be a sure fire way to feel better. Will do that. Hey another thing to look forward to! :)

janie q said...

i always thought yellow was a happy colour? you know, sunshine.
i always wear pink to perk me up. i'd go shopping for shoes and a purse, possibly pink or orange, those are the big colours over here for the summer.
and what can i say about keanu, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yummy!

Binsk said...

I think I need a list like this too!!

Nettie said...

Ooh, bath products! Bath products!

Peas on Toast said...

Janie - It is a happy colour. DEfinitely. Yellow rocks, and without it, I would've been super depressed yesterday.

Binsk - It works! It makes you appreciate the mundane...somehow.

Nettie - I bought bubble bath, body oil scrub (?) and a spanking new conditioner. I feel soooo good. You must love working at your shop - I know I would :)