Tuesday, June 07, 2005

weekend...what weekend?

So where did it go?
It started on Friday, where we went boogieing down at Tiger Tiger. It was an uncomfortable situation, because as my life goes, my boyfriend was on the way to New York - and quite frankly I am missing him like crazy - and my stalker and ex were at Tiger. Ex drove me home, cept the cops started following him. Instaed of being a gentleman and stopping the car, he put foot and floored it over traffic circles and through red lights through the quiet suburb of Craighall. All while I was screaming. Then he turned a corner and almost crunched his car into a pole. But I am alive. But aslo completely and utterly PISSED OFF. The cops let him go, it's amazing. Three cop cars actually let him go.

He took me for breakfast the next day to say sorry, but it didn't go down well - literally, the jagermeisters the night before were making me feel sicker than well, the sickest person in the world. I haven't heard from ex since then. I think it's because:
1) His best friend stalks me
2) Like that's MY fault!
3) I shat on him for almost killing me
4) He had to buy me breakfast
5) He's pathetic

Last night, that's Sunday, myself, Nick, Greg and Tappers drove around town, with the windows down past Georges, listening to Vanilla Ice. I love embarrassing people like that. It was rather amusing. The Georges crowd doesn't appreciate stuff like that. We then ended up in...Linksfield of all places. Linksfield is your US equaivalent of say, Vomitville, Alabama, or Hickville, Mississippi. Either way, it was rather orderly this place we went to: normal people and stuff. Nick is Ex's best friend, but we get on very well. We laughed intul our sides hurt and swapped notes on how to bridge the power gap when it comes to exes. See, he's having the same problem with his, very conveniently.

Sometimes I wonder that I just constitute my own chaos because I'm bored.
How ca it be Monday already?? This totally blows.


janie q said...

sounds like your weekend flew by because you jammed so much stuff into it! i'm not liking the sound of your ex today, sounds a little arrogant to me right now. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, men. anyway, hope you're feeling not quite so quesy this morning.

Peas on Toast said...

THanks Janie. Am feeling substantially better. And he is arrogant. You'd think the sun shone from his ass! But thanks to a little something known as "He's JUst Not That INto YOu," I figured that if he was willing to put my life in his hands and kill me, by running from the cops, then, well...He's JUst Not That INto Me!

zuzula said...

excellent - I don't remember them giving that as a particular example in the book.. but they certainly should have! what an asshole. do you know why the police were chasing him in the first place?

Peas on Toast said...

Well, I'm guessing the cops chased after because
1) he wasn't driving in a straight line
2) he was darting through the back raods of Craighall
3) he sped up to about 150 km/h when they put their lights on

They really should have chucked him in the clinker. Then I should have told no one about it so that the knowledge of his parole/bail would be heavily compromised by yours truly.

Or instaed of pleading with the police that, "I promise Mr Officer, this man hasn't had a drop of alcohol all week," I should have said: "This man deserves to spend the night in the slammer, Superintendent. With a girl called George."

Nettie said...

Geez, that's more than 90 mph (OK, so I have to put everything into U.S. measurements). Hopefully none of those amusing options would have gotten you into trouble...

Ed Abbey said...

Nothing like a little rap to get a bunch of rednecks riled up. Try pulling on their coon dogs ear...