Thursday, June 02, 2005

he's just not that into you

After Oprah's show, 'He's JUst NOt That INto You,' which I missed, sadly and now the book of the same name, we got into a huge discussion at culture club last night about whether our bloke(s) were actually into us at all.

WE forgot half the criteria though.

Please help me out here. What are they exactly?
1)He doesn't phone you a loy. Or call your back.
2)He always has time. He'd move mountains to see you if he wanted to.
3)He lets you walk through a door first.

Right, now what are the rest? Apparently a woman in Oprah's audience raised their hands and asked whether he guy was into her or not.
"I haven't heard from in in eight months, but I'm just not sure."
I'm not going to be thick about this, I need non-obvious signs here.

We also discussed, in sordid detail:
- how we are actually independent fun-loving women that don't need men at all. But we all have boyfriends. So this makes no sense.
- How Louise subliminally wants Rafe.
- How Rafe very non-subliminally wants Louise.
- Paris Hilton's huge feet. (Size 11 to be precise)
- What it would be like to grow up in South Carolina in the 60s
- The goth party on FRiday
- How guys get more jealous than girls
- Then it was all a blur

Culture Club - 'Le Club Couture' rules.


janie q said...

i saw that show and based on what i saw, i bought the book for my daughter last christmas, cuz she lets guys treat her like a doormat. i think you need to be an independant woman, lots of confidence, able to leap buildings, save the world, etc. and then have a bf. i think that if you feel good about yourself, are able to do whatever you need to do for yourself, then when you do get a bf, if you want one, it is because you are adding another element to your life, because you understand without a bf, you are still an amazing woman. unfortunately, my daughter has not read the book, she merely scanned it and she is content to date only assholes. my kids all have huge feet, my oldest daughter is 5'8" and wears size 9, my youngest daughter is already wearing size 9 and she's only 10 and my son is 13 and is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guess we're growing them big in our house. thanks for dropping by to visit me, i'm been enjoying sharing your blog since i crashed into it.

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Janie.
That's the thing-you're so right. Women make excuses for men's assholic behaviour, and I say enough already! I hope your daughter manages to find someone nice.
I also have big feet, it's a pain to get my size a lot.

janie q said...

it's so easy to make an excuse when love gets in the way. my daughter has promised me grandchildren by the time she's 26, god knows i deserve them, i'm just hoping she'll have read that book by then!

Nettie said...

Big feet are evil- mine are 10 U.S. size. All the shoes look soooo cute in the little sizes, and either they don't have them larger, or they just don't look right. Grrr.

Blog ho said... he into you?

Peas on Toast said...

Still trying to work out the rest of the criteria Ho. I guess he is...but you never know :)

zuzula said...

I haven't seen the show, but the book is my bible. Basically if the guy doesn't fall at your feet and go to the ends of the earth to date you, he ain't worth it!

which may explain why I'm always bloody single ;)

Peas on Toast said...

Nice one Zuzula. I have GOT to get my hands on this book.
Picky is where its at, and guys should be falling at our feet I say.
At least when you find someone he's worth it and you're not just dating around for the sake of it.

zuzula said...

it is good - but very idealistic, especially given the state of most of the men that I meet!

But one point they make is that if you start a relationship being disappointed with the guy then you're never really going to make a go of it. And if you do the chasing you'll always have it in the back of your mind that if you hadn't done all the hard work, he wouldn't be there!