Tuesday, July 05, 2005

what's worse?

What's worse:
1) When everyone else had a better weekend than you?
2) When your ex clearly had a better weekend than you and everyone else?
3) Your ex snogging one of your best friends? (See point 2)
4) You feeling so gutted about it, you're seriously considering therapy?
5) Deadline week - meaning I will not eat, sleep or rest for the rest of the week?

I cannot say this loud enough: FUCK.


Paperslut said...

Therapy is used only as a last resort - once vodka, black label and cough syrup, in that order, have failed.

And bad weekends are like dirty clothes, once you wash them, the ludicrity fades away.

Peas on Toast said...

Wise words, Wonderwall, thank you.

But I've overdone it recently in the "Can-I-ingest-anything-that-makes-me-drunk" stakes, but I suppose I'm not dead yet...so...let's party!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

2 & 3)actually, given some of the things you're written about the ex lately, i'd say your gf had a worse weekend then you, but she doesn't know it yet
4) by therapy, i assume you mean alcohol? strawberry marguerita anyone? i know i'm feeling better just thinking about one
5) sounds like a diet week, think of how slim and trim you will be by next weekend

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Janie

I don't know. I'm starting to think he;s great with everyone else except for me. Perhaps I have a giant bulls eye painted on my ass that I don't know about...

Diet? Hmm, sounds promising...

Stephanie said...

1. Everyone had a better weekend than you? Hmm.. My weekend consisted of working on Saturday, realising that I was late with my rent and having to apologise profusely to my housemate, having crazy neighbours break into my house and turn off my stop cock without telling me (this explained why I didn't have any water on Sunday) and then I somehow dislodged the mirror from the bathroom wall while cleaning and I am too short to hammer the hook back in so I am waiting for my housemates to help. Phew!
2. Your ex is a wanker. He may have had fun but he is going to ulimately lead a lonely miserable life.
3. Is your friend retarded? Doesn't she know about him and his pool pump problems??
4. First try chocolate cake. :)
5. It sucks, but you can treat yourself at the weekend.

Peas on Toast said...

Shit Steph, I'm such a whining beeyotch. I'm sorry about your weekend - I'm really being such a drama queen. Smetimes I just can't help it.

He is a wanker,and I know that. I just wish I would stop thinking about this guy. I really really shouldn't be in love with someone like this, but I am. I'm ashamed to say. I was even considering hypnotherapy over the weekend, so that I could forget him. I've reached the end of my tether. And my friend has made a serious mistake: 1) you know about the pool sketches/one testicle
2) She is not my friend anymore.

Crumbs. I'm a mess. I need a drink.

Stephanie said...

Is there any way of avoiding him totally? I didn't realise how fucked up my relationship was until I had been out of it for a while and was in the company of nice sane people.

And everyone whinges so don't feel bad about it. And my problems weren't heart related so they are minor in comparison.

Take care of yourself and do try to wash that boy outta your hair..

Peas on Toast said...

There is a chance I never have to see him again. THing is, I'm very good friends with two of his mates. This means I still don't have to see him, but inevitably he'll pop up in conversation/will be at the same club I am.

Luckily, haven't seen him for three weeks and counting so far....

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

mmmmmm, chocolate cake!
what about your great guy that bought you a pink i-pod and gave it to you even after you harmed his "baby" sounds like he's got a bulls eye for you too, only his goes to your heart

Peas on Toast said...

No dispute Janie - my current boyfriend Steve is an absolute honey. And I adore him. He's fantastic, so you'd think I'd have left thoughts of my volatile ex long way behind me?
Well apparently not. As much as I love Steve, the ex still gets under my skin. And I've had enough. Therapy it is.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

there are some guys you are never going to get over, i don't know what it is about them, but some of them are just hard to forget. maybe you could download something into your i-pod to forget about him, remember your new guy cuz it's his gift to you and eat that chocolate cake with a strawberry marguerita? anyway, i have to go and pretend to do something productive around my house, have a great day (or night, not sure how many hours ahead you are)

Nettie said...

The best part of a bad weekend has to be that it's over.

Christopher said...


Your ex seems like a first-class prick and it sounds like he's fucking up every which way. My ex is the same. She texts all my friends and expects them to join her at whatever hip dance club her last few remaining friends convince her is a great time. The funny thing is my ex used to be into decent music and have a smattering of intelligence. By all accounts my once-beloved is a drunken, loutish chav.
My point in this rambling, bile-ridden comment is that is doesn't matter what your ex is up to. Sit back and laugh as karma catches up with them and they make mistake after mistake. Kissing one of your mates is a low, desperate ebb for the dude. My ex shacked up with a guy that apparently hates her. Nice choice, eh?
It's being offered a bar of gold and a bag of shit and picking the latter.
You seem like a together and switched on girl and I couldn't give two fucks about him. Niether should you.
Sorry to ramble. The chap got under my skin too.

Be well and have yourself some fun


Peas on Toast said...

Chris you're a star.

I actually met up with a friend last night for a therapy session: I let it all out, and sobbed my heart out. BUt now I feel better, more at peace with this situation and am going to let it go and hopefully, as you say, karma will ctach p with him.

Your ex sounds a little like mine. Crumbs, I always said to myself that I wouldn't get myself into these loveless situations, but look at me now! But I'm more at peace now than I've been for a long time. LOng may it last. Thanks for your words of wisdom, and good luck with yours my dear.

Christopher said...

Anytime. It's no trouble at all. : )