Friday, August 26, 2005

bag contents

Originally uploaded by laurian.
Well I thought Zuzula displaying the innards of her handbag was a splendid idea. So I'm going to pretend that I've been tagged and asked to display mine.
Had to take the pic at my desk, so please excuse my keyboard, computer and random stuff everywhere.
Here goes:

- The actual bag (a Clarins gift meant for toiletries, but stuff that, I use it as a bag), with 'Proudly South African' beaded badge on it.

- My wallet (with one debit and one credit card, twenty bucks)

- Camel Lights (not my usual, garage sold out of Marlboros)

- Sunnies

- iPod plus iTrip for the car

- Pot of red lip salve

- Shiny lipgloss

- Chapstick

- Vaseline tube

- Two pens

- Car and house keys

- Hairband

- Loose change

- Tillslip from The Friendly Shoppe, Dunkeld

- ID document

- Eyeshadow brush (?)

- Perfume sample that smells Yummy.

- Tube of honey hand and nail cream

- Lipstick in Nude Sand

- Cellular phone, part of my bag, but didn't make it into the picture somehow

Third World Ant, I tag thee, with thou slpendid turqouise Nine West gem of a bag...


zuzula said...

yay! consider yourself an honorary tagee my friend :)

what's the white thing with the cherries on it? is that your wallet? It's soooo cute!

November Rain said...

lol okay I know I wasnt tag but seeing how few things was in her wallet I have to do this LOL

this was great

fav quote from the incredibles
you can always tell alot about a woman by the contents of her purse

so my question is vaseline????????????????????????????

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

you pursue looks like it could hold alot more stuff, mine is jammed, i might have to go through it. i have no idea what sunnies are, and once again, you've used words that we never use here, tillslip, we call it a receipt. a pot of red salve, hmmm, i'm actually looks for a can of paint, but i'm guessing it's a tiny little pot.

Ed Abbey said...

sunnies = religious group in Iraq.... right? Do you have any Shiites in there too Laurian?

Third World Ant said...

Babe - I'll have to remove certain things from my bag before I do bag tag, but Miss Nine West is certainly up for the challenge!
In the meantime, I'm still working on answers for your other tag, but have come up with some Qs for you. Some may seem arb to you (eg Q1), but are fundamental things I ask myself daily:

1. When is the right time to ask a stranger you've recently met what their surname is, and how do you do it?
2. If tomorrow was your last day on Earth, what would you spend it doing?
3. What exactly is the fine line between flirting and sexual harassment in the workplace?
4. If you could have written and sung one song (that has already been written and sung by someone else), what would it be and why?
5. If you were having tea with the Queen of England, what would you talk about?

Divulge divulge divulge!

Peas on Toast said...

TWAnt-So going to divulge right now!

November Rain said...

my bag lol

Nettie said...

I enjoyed the dialect too, I'm guessing sunnies are what we'd call sunglasses?