Thursday, August 25, 2005

reliving the good times with...his mother

Yip, that's what Steve wanted to do last night when he had mumsie-dear around for dinner. Usually he's pretty cagey about like what we did in Amsterdam - and quite rightly so - but last night, he was almost whimsical about the fact that we got so shitfaced there we couldn't stand for three hours. And he told his mother. Who was horrified. (She's rather a, um, conservative woman.)

Perhaps he's taking a page from my book. I tell my mother all the stuff I get up to. Most of the time she laughs and kind of says, "Make sure you don't do that too often," but his mother didn't have the same reaction. She wanted to know when her dear son had last smoked marijuana, and does it happen often, and did the walls move and become funny colours ("Not acid, Bev, just grass.")

Then Steve told her about how he smokes 8 reefers in one night in Zanzibar. Bad move. Because she didn't know that the pot there is like tea, and assumed that her son was flying. When did he decided to just let it all out??


November Rain said...

My mom is errrrrrrrr special (shall we say) and if I told her half what I did as a teen she would have heart failure

now with my daughter because I could not ever talk to my mom esp about sex which they said you could but when you asked questions acted as if you said a 4 letter dirt word

I swore I never would do that so I keep open conversation with my kids about anything

not that it is easy at 17 and 14 you still see the baby you brought in this world

Peas on Toast said...

I'm sure it isn't easy Novemeber Rain. I can only imagine. I really only started talking to mum about stuff after I'd left home, at 18. Before that anything to do with boyfriends, sex, anything like that was strictly no-go -way too embarrassing. But I started talkin about it after school. Steve has finally caught up-at 25 he's telling his mum stuff. It's really funny actually. Especially because he's the "sensible one." :)

Ed Abbey said...

Maybe he told his mom what he did for the same reasons I am telling my mom some of the things that I did when I was younger. The statute of limitations has either run out or she is no longer capable of caning me to within an inch of my life. Actually, the never did the latter but she sure had her ways of making me know I had done something wrong!

November Rain said...

No it isnt of course everyone that meets my mom gets this omg face as I said she is err special

ed--- careful my nana tanned my uncle hide when he was 30 sat on him to hold him down
because he said I am an adult and your not going to (proving that it doesnt matter your age your mom is always your mom lol)

Stephanie said...

I've learned my lesson and avoid talking to my parents about anything at all personal. Its not like I get up to lots of crazy shit (boo hoo), but the regular things like soft drugs and sex would upset them because they would just worry about me. This makes conversation a bit dull, but so much better than having them freak out over shit.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

my oldest daughter is 20 and i have an extremely open relationship with her, i have for many years now. there isn't anything she could talk to me about or tell me about, she knows i wouldn't judge her. sounds like steve is following your lead. too bad he hadn't warned you first.

Binsk said...

I think it's cool that you can tell your mom that stuff. I also don't smoke but I think it should be legal.