Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I am very, very angry.

When I have calmed down, I will blog about it. Keywords: Copycat, usurpation, fickelry.

PS: Hurricane Rita has unwittingly found its way to Joburg. Driving yesterday was a scary event, after branches, rocks - yes rocks - blew over my bonnet and windscreen, crap everywhere, car swaying, i metre visibility...then a rather large tree falling onto a friends gate, taking down power cables and walls with it. Freaky shit.

I'm still very angry. And I'm not balming Rita for this.


A Fork said...

Eek. Are you ok out there? I'd have put my usual poetic nonsense here but not sure if it will raise spirits. Chin up LC :)

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Fork. I'm fine. The anger is surging me through the day. Give me 24 hours, I'll be just fine :)

Love but Hate said...

Love your work!

cheating spouse.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

our weather here has been unsettled as well, it rained non stop for almost two days, and not just a light rain, very heavy and when the rain finally stopped, the sky remained very dark, those clouds just don't look right.
and i love some of those words you've put in today, i have absolutely no idea what a windscreen is though, hmmmmmm.

Peas on Toast said...

Janie - I'm telling you, it's a mixture of global warming, the el nino, and all the other stuff we're doing to basically f%^ck our planet up.

PS: A windscreen - that sheet of glass thing on the front of the car? That I look through when I drive? The main sheet of curved glass? What do Americans call it?

November Rain said...

windshield lol

LC will a big Hug help any?
Maybe if Fork Better and I all hug ya at once

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

ahhhhh, i call it a windshield. i was thinking maybe it was something like sunscreen, you know, suntan lotion, but for the wind instead. funny what comes to mind when you hear a word you're not familiar with.