Wednesday, September 28, 2005

wednesday night usual

Apparently Jolly Roger is now an exclusive dating hot-spot, because you can sit in dark and dingy corners away from prying eyes. Suddenly I'm not welcome, although I'm a regular there. Pants! I'm being cryptic, but it's all I can offer you right now.

Joburg is a small place, and I am agreeing with Nick on this one. "I'm fucked off with everybody, we are living in the movie "Closer," and people are decieiving people that don't deserve it."
He's cross with me too, because feels I added to this, as did he. I agree with him. I want out of this pyschological drama, as what is my life, and my freind's lives around me. Is it because we're 25, and seraching for options, excitement, whatever until we settle down? I don't know, but I'm ready to become a recluse for a while, so this stuff doesn't mindfuck me. One of my friends has recently become involved in all this. People are fickle, confused, oversexed, overpaid in my circle, and it has got to stop. And I'm going to be the first one to do this. Because I perhaps started it, because I am in love with two people. (Not that I'm acting on it.)
Friendships here are warped, people always competing with people, and alwayswanting more, because one one fucked up situation is never enough.

Maybe people think loving two people is cool, and it's fun, but guess what, it's really not. It's hell. Maybe they think stringing along two blokes is cool too, but it's not.

I'm REALLY pissed. And I can't wait to just forget about it all over alcohol. And you know what? I AM going to go to Jolly. I will sit downstairs with Weezy out of sight from everybody.

I think I need a holiday. Far, far away.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

if you lead, they will follow!

Mary Morgan said...

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Peas on Toast said...

Thanks Janie. But I think I'm going to book a five day package cheapie holiday to Beunos Aires. I'm done.

Peas on Toast said...

And Mary Morgan - fuck off!

Ed Abbey said...

For me, I pretty much quit the bar scene after I got married and I must say, I don't miss it a bit. In fact, now I wonder how I could even stand it back then. For me, I would rather hang out at a quiet cafe with my friends anyday.

zuzula said...

a life without bars is like gin without tonic. stick to your guns!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

did you notice mary morgan doesn't think your blog is entertaining, educational and wonderful. what's up with her anyway? she's not nearly as complimentary as her other friends.

November Rain said...

not welcomes at the Jolly no more (OMG that is awful)

I understand loving 2 people sucks and the problem LC is if you are as popular in real life as here
people will try to be like you

some think it is flattering but I agree with you it isnt fun
not that I ever had that problem I was more the follower than the lead

now I dance to my own drum

here is quote you might want to use :)

"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend." -
-- Albert Camus

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks guy for all the kind comments and advice. xx