Friday, September 23, 2005


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Word of the month: (n) cankle [can-kill] When your legs/calves merge directly into your ankles, making your ankles appear extra thick.

I haven't heard this word before. It's the funniest shit I've heard all week.

I am not confused about Friend I am Confused About anymore. Let's just say that. Phew. It's not because he has cankles - because he doesn't. But even if he did, it would make no difference to me at all.

I have to babysit a 15-year old this weekend. Om my christmas. Steve's little brother. He's a...t.e.e.n.a.g.e.r. I'm so not cut out for this. So I'm taking him and his mate to the bowling club this evening: They'll bowl, I'll drink gin and tonics akick back my cankles.


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Peas on Toast said...

"Hey I love your blog it's real great?"

Oy my God.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

over here, 15 year old boys don't need babysitting.
and we have a law that once they are over 12, they can actually look after themselves.
and over here, you can't get a drink when you bowl.
but i guess if you have to babysit a 15 year old boy, you're going to need a couple of drinks!
and i've never heard of that word either, but something is seriously wrong with that picture, eeekkkkk.
and hey, i love your blog, it's real great;)

November Rain said...

in Fl its they cant be by them selves until they are 13 and they cant be left alone to babysit anyone under that age if they are under 16

I have a soon to be 15 year old girl and would leave her pizza and dvds and tell her stay off phone in case I need to call

really better---
in the bowling alley in FL you can
get Beer, pina coladas daquaris (sp? on all) JD Jim Bean and a few others
except on sunday but it is also a pool hall and bowling alley
also you cant get inside if you under 18
any she would be home by herself lol

Nettie said...

I don't know abotu the laws here, but 15 does sound a bit old for baby-sitting. Unless they're a really immature fifteen-year-old.

Oh- and try the word verificatiion, O Great Blogger.