Thursday, September 22, 2005

Friend I'm Confused About

So I went to the Jolly Roger last night, as promised, with Third World Ant and a couple of other mates, including Friend I'm Confused About.

Preppy American bird was there too, shame, she was being very friendly. We systematically decided, Third World Ant and I, that:
1) We're sexually frustrated. She also thinks Friend I'm Confused About is great. I don't think he's that great, so I can't understand this.
2) We're starting a sorority. Gamma Zeta Omega. Cos if Princeton can do it, so can we.
3) Friend I'm Confused About asks me advice on all his sexual conquests. Like last night, I got a call from him after I got home: "L, shit, she's followed me home. What do I do? YOu got 20 seconds to tell me..(beep beep beep)." Right.
4) I'm missing Steve. Maybe that's why I'm confused about Friend I'm Confused About.


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Ed Abbey said...

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By the way, I like your site. Keep up the good work. I am still working on developing the nuclear key on keyboards to eliminate shit like this from happening.

Peas on Toast said...

Ed you're great. You've come to my aid just in time-what with my haemorroid problem. Let me know when you get that nuclear keyboard up and running! x

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

1. who isn't!!!!!! grrrrrr
2. i used to be in sorority, many years ago. maybe you can plan a mixer with a guy sorority, first thing on the agenda, deal with issue #1
3. ummmm, use a condom?????
4. that would have something to do with #1

by the way, i like your site too;)

She of the handbag said...

You go to a bar called the Jolly Roger? How fab:)

And honey why are you confused about a friend when you don't think he's great?

November Rain said...

ed-- LOL I want one of those Nuke keyboards to please

hi sweetie
1- sorry to hear this big huggles
nothing worse for a woman
2- hmmm never been in one can I join?
3- have ya ever seen 2 weeks notice?
In this movie he calls her early in the morning for some advice as well (in a sense) just memorize and quote
Lucy Kelson: [talking on the phone with a girl George met at the bar] The man you're dancing with is deeply troubled. You're much to young to be trading yourself like a stock on the Nasdaq to a man who will not be remembering your name... or his in the morning, is still married, and recently developed a very suspicious rash. Now go home, finish high school and reach your potential!

quote from movie--

okay maybe not

4 i agree with better on this has to do with #1

Third World Ant said...

"I don't think he's that great, so I can't understand this."

Wow, you dismiss Friend You're Confused About in a single sentence - trying to convince yourself really, really hard, hmmm? Well, let me not play devil's advocate here - let's hope you get over him really soon.