Thursday, November 03, 2005


Well, I tried to get some sleep last night. This time I just had insomnia. It would appear that my ghost knew that I was ranting about it yesterday and kept a low profile last night.

I still tossed and turned, because it was hot and mosquitoes were vying for my blood the whole night.

Now that my boyfriend's back, ghostie-poo is flying under the radar. For now, anyway.

God it's hot right now. I feel as though I am permanently standing in a pizza oven in Mumbai during a heat wave. I feel so lethargic. Yet I can't sleep. It just doesn't make sense.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

sometimes when you're too tired, it's actually hard to sleep. what about a bath and cup of decaf tea before bedtime?

November Rain said...

or warm milk

nana used to wash her sheets and out them on her bed without drying them
when they were damp

Peas on Toast said...

Thanks guys - I tried that too. So last night I sat and played the piano for three hours until I was utterly exhausted, and slept like a baby. Yay!