Wednesday, November 09, 2005

speaking of ghosts

I slept in the spareroom on Saturday night. The spareroom, which is inhibited by Casper the Friendly Ghost. My friend has renamed it Trevalina however, so let's refer to her as that.
I got home at 9:00pm, after a boozy yet fun-filled day picnicking and such in Melville. I turned off all the lights and rested my weary head on the pillow.

At about 10:00pm, I felt activity in the room and snapped my eyes open, when I could see that the passage light was on. I was certain I turned it off, but who knows. I could see the light streaming in through the crack of the door. Then something walked past on the other side. So it wasn't in the room essentially. I saw two shadows of legs glide past. I thought Steve must be home after seeing the Violent Femmes concert.

Then, then! Ten minutes later Steve DID arrive home after the concert, I heard him put the keys into the gate, and his footsteps.
My blood ran cold.

So I had a firm chat with the ghost the next day: "Excuse me, but you're scaring the sh!t out of me. PLease stop it. It's so not cool."
And last night there was nothing. I think the time has finally come for an exorcism.


Better Safe Than Sorry said...

even just reading this gives me the chills. i don't think i could live there.

November Rain said...

did you try any of the things I listed? :)

I know it is scary but

I do not believe this is an evil or harmful spirit just a restless one so dont be frightened (rememeber that in many cases of spirits it isnt the ghost that harms us but our own fear that causes us to harm ourself)

I wonder if there is a healer or conjuror in your community?
Someone who might be able to give you an amulet or charm?

btw why Trevalina?

giving your ghost a name is good if it is not meant in cruelty
I would not advise being mean or cruel to a spirit prime because I do have Nat Ameri anscestory and we are taught to honor the dead and my wiccan beliefs build on that

I can give you a ritual and spell on how to cleanse your house
if you want however it will only drive out harmful, evil and negative energies and spirits

A Fork said...

"Crikey" she thought, Ms Peas On Toast,
"I seem to have acquired a ghost!"
It walks in the night,
And gives her a fright,
And probably pinches her post

Eek! Hope it behaves itself :(

flea said...

i once lived in a house that i know had ghosts in it. always felt like i was being watched, heard footsteps all that fun stuff. we finally moved and no more ghosts. sadly i have no advice to give you.

good luck with yours :)