Thursday, December 01, 2005

wow :)

The German took me out for dinner again last night. This seems to be turning into a regular thing. I assure you it's not, I've decided to cool these jet engines a little - well after last night anyway. Because I'm starting to like him. Not ehalthy for me right now, considering its only been a month since my break up.

Anyhoo, he arrived at my door with a gigantic boquet of roses and lilies. Fucking beautiful, I've never recieved such an amazing bunch of flowers before. Everything from now on will be average. He's set the precedent high and that's slightly worrying for any future conquests I may endevour.

We went to Fino's - a swish little place that I've only ever been to in order to indulge in a cheeky, yet expensive cocktail. It was so much fun.He's no oil painting, but he's actually cute in some strange sort of way. Being a lawyer, he's a great debater, and we discussed the merits and pitfalls of the R8 billion Gautrain to be built in Joburg fairly soon. He is funny, well-mannered and intellectually stimulating.

As a result, I am shitting myself.

He's awesome. I am going to Mozambique, which we've both decided is a fantastic idea so that we can look at this possible-rebound situation objectively. I don't know if he's a rebound. I just know that I'm liking him more and more.

Oh dear. As if my life could get anymore complicated right now.


Stephanie said...

Excellent!! I'm glad to hear that you are being treated in a manner you deserve by this charming man. Take it as fast or as slow as you want - you're in charge of your life and you can make of it what you want. :) As you have no doubt realised, a bit (or a lot in this case) of adoration does the soul a lot of good. xx

Billy said...

All things said and done perhaps a little less thinking is required?
He's a good bloke, he perks your intrest and isnt pushing you. Sounds like a winner. Enjoy the experience and worry about the future when it happens. Use it, dont use it.....
There will always be Moz to settle the dust either way.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i love lawyers!!! for that very reason. this guy sounds like he knows how to treat a woman, whether he's rebound or not, he sounds like someone who would be good for you. if things don't work out between you, i wonder if he'd like to meet my daughter? what i wouldn't do for her to meet a nice lawyer or doctor. have you told your mom about him yet? i wonder what she would have to say, i know what she'd be thinking.

November Rain said...

I agree with better

just let him pamper you
because you deserve it

Nettie said...

Don't say that, of course it could.